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High-School Senior Moment

Shout-out to Elwood P. Dowd.

Press briefing. One reporter asks C.J. if Josh wasn't scheduled to do the press briefings today and over the weekend. I'm sorry, you must be new, or maybe you're talking about some other Josh. Because Josh "Secret Plan to Fight Inflation" Lyman couldn't possibly be scheduled to handle press briefings. Unless everyone in the White House has fallen down and hit his or her head. I know Sorkin didn't write this one, but surely someone vetted it for shreds of continuity. C.J. tells the reporter it's just her. Katie wants to know if that means C.J.'s not going to her high-school reunion in Dayton. C.J. says, "Yup," and tries to move it along, but Katie -- oh, tenacious, professional, underrated little Katie -- presses her, saying that C.J. was supposed to be giving a speech at this reunion entitled "The Promise of a Generation." Yikes. I'd be skipping out, too. Well, that is, if I were planning to attend any high-school reunion of mine, which I wouldn't be, unless forced to do so at gunpoint. This year would be my twentieth reunion, and it's C.J.'s too. So we're the same age. Except she's taller, thinner, more gorgeous, funnier, smarter, wealthier, and more successful than I am. Friggin' bitch. ["Well, she's taller, sure, but I don't know about all that other stuff." -- Wing Chun] I, on the other hand...well, at least I've had sex more than once in the last four years. Good thing for you people, too. Picture how much crabbier I'd be. Okay. I remind myself that I love C.J. I do, I really do. I love Allison Janney even more, and she kicks plenty ass in this show, so let's get on with it. C.J. wants to know how the members of the press corps know about that speech, and several reporters wave their copies of the Dayton Daily Bugle or whatever. Another reporter wants to know what C.J. thinks the promise of a generation is. I'm guessing the best answer to that question is "unrealized." C.J. replies, "I'm not really sure, but like pornography, I know it when I see it." She tells them she felt she couldn't say no to the speech, but her job prevents her from certain pleasures (like getting laid more than once every four years, for example). The reporter says, "We don't get Josh, is what you're saying?" C.J.: "No fresh meat for the lions." She calls a full lid.

In the hall, Josh thanks C.J. and says, "I couldn't go out there. Like they had this sadistic, anticipatory glee." Josh follows C.J. to her office as she says she has to stay. She runs into Toby, who wants to know why she's still there. She says that Josh can't do the briefings, and anyway, she missed the last flight to Dayton. Carol -- who's accreted to this pedeconferencing glob -- says there's another flight, and she's booked C.J. on it. Toby urges her to go, and says that he'll do the briefings. C.J. says he can't: "It's not your shtick. You don't know who to call on, where to look, when to smile and interrupt..."

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