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The Midterms

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The Midterms

Previously on The West Wing...well, the Prez and Josh got shot. You might have heard about that.

On speaker phone, Josh says, "It's called the theory of everything." Catchy name. We fade up on C.J.'s office as she asks, "Is it comprehensive?" From his hospital bed, Josh is instructing her to lead with a story about physics. She finally says she will, just to shut him up. It doesn't work; he asks her to repeat the story back to him. C.J. says, "Psychics at Cal Tech and the Fermi National Accelerator Lab are close to announcing --" Josh cuts her off: "Physicists! Theoretical physicists at Cal Tech!" Oh good, because that confused me. C.J. says she'll jot that down, and that "if it was psychics, I'd lead with it," as she heads out the door. Josh continues muttering on speaker while C.J. tells her secretary, "Let Josh rant a little before you hang up the phone." Toby calls C.J.'s name as she hurries past, and C.J. responds, "Yes, ma'am?" Toby ignores this, or maybe he didn't notice it, since I sure didn't the first time. They pedeconference, and Toby tells her that the consumer price index went up an unprecedented 0.7 percent in one month. C.J. practices her response, which is to claim that the CPI isn't a reliable indicator: "It doesn't include some regular household items, computers..." Toby adds that it doesn't make allowances for technical improvements like airbags, "which increase the price of the car very slightly, but provide a much greater value to the consumer." Toby then drops out of the relay and is replaced by Leo, whom C.J. calls "Leopold." He tells her to mention that there are going to be some changes in the underwriting criteria for the Federal Housing Administartion. C.J. says, "Well, the network's gonna want to break in with special coverage for that." Leo is not amused as she goes on to say, "They're going to want time to put together a logo and theme music." Leo passes the baton to Sam, who calls after C.J. "Holy interruptus, Batman!" she gripes. Sam tells her that Congressman Grant Samuels died. C.J. asks if he's really dead, since apparently Sam has told her that before. "Somebody poked him a little to see --" she asks, and Sam snaps, "He died, C.J.!" She apologizes for joking. Then Sam adds, "I'm almost certain he's dead..." and when C.J. complains, he says, "I was making a joke, too! What, you work alone?" Sam gives C.J. all the info on Samuels' surviving family members. C.J. asks if Sam knows about theoretical physics. Much to my surprise, Sam says, "Ah, the Grand Unified Theory!" But that's actually all he knows. I just saw this joke on Angel. Sam dodges down a different hallway as C.J. finally makes it to the press room.

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