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The Midterms

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The Midterms

Toby asks if Donna's going to visit Josh. When she admits that she's taking him his lunch, Toby asks if he can tag along. She's journeying from the White House to Georgetown to make sure he eats his chicken soup? Someone should tell Donna there's a thing called "delivery service" that Josh could probably take advantage of. The woman makes Alex the Stroh's dog look like a complete slacker. Donna says that Toby can't come, and that he knows the rules. Toby says the rules are dumb. Donna responds, "He's recovering from an attempted murder, he's supposed to be resting, and I don't want people going over there and getting him fuhtushed." Toby corrects her, "Fartoost. Don't bring the Yiddish unless you know what you're doing." There's the Toby we know and love. Donna says, "You know what word should be Yiddish but isn't? 'Spatula.' Also, 'far-fetched.'" Toby tries to explain why he wants to talk to Josh. Donna says, "He's got the papers you wrote, he's got the materials you've sent him, you talk to him on the phone ninety-three times a day." Toby tries one more time, but Donna stomps off, saying, "Maybe if you hadn't said the rules were dumb."

Zoey pops into Leo's office and says that she's looking for the Prez. Leo says that the Prez is making campaign calls from the residence. When Zoey wonders why he isn't doing that in the Oval Office, Leo explains, "Your father has a very strict interpretation of something called the Pembleton Act, which prohibits campaign donations to be solicited [sic] on government property." Zoey thinks that it's impractical for the President to make calls from a pay phone, and observes that the residence is, technically, government property, too. "So why does he bother?" she asks. Leo gives his standard excuse for anything the Prez does: "Because your father is a demented, demented man." He says he's headed for the residence, and asks Zoey if she'd like to tag along. She would. As they move on, Zoey starts to ask, "These last few weeks, do you feel like Charlie's been --" Leo, no fool, immediately cuts in with, "Nope."

The Prez is sitting on his bed, holding a phone, and telling C.J., "The guy is polling at 46 percent!" C.J. is surprised to hear there are polls for a board of education race. The Prez says he had "our guys" conduct the poll. I can't help but wonder who paid for that. As C.J. asks, "Do you think you're becoming obsessed with this race?" we can see that the Prez is also watching a soccer game on TV. The Prez responds, "You don't take these people seriously 'cause they don't get anywhere nationally, but they don't have to! All they have to do is, bit by little bit, get themselves on boards of education and city councils. Because that's where all the governing that really matters to anybody happens." Since it's never stated explicitly, I'm pretty sure that "these people" means Christian Coalition stealth candidates who hide key points of their platform. C.J. observes, "We do a little governing here, Mr. President." The Prez bitches about how he's on hold with someone who's name has on an index card, and then wonders why he's on hold. C.J. says that he isn't; he finished the call. The Prez asks how the call went. "Very well," C.J. says.

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