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The Midterms

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The Midterms

C.J. and Sam stroll on as C.J. says that there's a problem with the prosecutorial record of Tom Jordan, the guy Sam convinced to run for Congress. Sam says Tom's record is great, and C.J. responds, "Not during jury selection." She explains, "Your friend likes white juries for his black defendants." Sam rightly points out that Tom is a prosecutor, and C.J. rightly responds, "Not anymore. Now he's a politician, and this needs a save, so get into it, would you?" She leaves Sam looking a tad forlorn as we fade out.

Does anyone else wonder if they're going to have a special Halloween episode of The West Wing? There are plenty of White House ghost stories they could use. They could all have spooky experiences, and the Prez could see Lincoln's ghost, and then it could turn out to be Zoey and Charlie trying to scare them. Wacky hijinks galore! Just a suggestion.

Now it's the evening of October 20th, three weeks till Election Day. I never realized how long these commercial breaks were. Charlie is telling the Prez about the stock market in Japan, which is every bit as enthralling as you'd expect. The Prez asks if he's done for the night, and Charlie says there are a few phone calls to make. The Prez looks at the list and says that they're campaign calls. Charlie says, "Mr. President, why don't you stay in your office and make the damn..." Whoops. The Prez looks every inch the disapproving father as he stares at Charlie. He finally says, "Because I choose not to, Charlie. Because however an empty gesture it may seem, I would like to take some executive notice of the notion that it's probably not a good idea for the most powerful and influential person in the world to be calling up the people whose laws he signs, and asking them for money! I'm going to do it, but not behind this desk, and not in this room. What else?" Charlie, understandably cowed, says that the Prez may be hosting a reception for talk radio hosts on November 7th. The Prez takes the list of calls to be made and asks Toby to tell C.J. to come by in an hour. Charlie really needs a hug. You can tell.

Charlie walks down the hall and peers into the Roosevelt Room. He enters and addresses someone we can't see by asking, "Are you a Cabinet Secretary?" We see a teeny tiny black kid sitting at the end of the table, shaking his head. Are we really sinking to the "cute kid" level already? The kid says he's Jeffrey Mackintosh, and Charlie puts the pieces together: "You here with your dad?" Just then Dad enters, apologizes, and tells Jeffrey, "When I tell you to sit and stay put, do you know what I need you to do? That. I need you to do that. Not some variation on that, but that." Jeffrey apologizes, and Dad says, "See, now I gotta make you rewire the house." Snerk. Dad introduces himself as Andrew Mackintosh from tech support, and says he's installing some new software. Charlie says that he thought that happened weeks ago. Andrew explains that he's fixing some bugs. He adds, "They said it was okay for me to bring my son; my wife works some nights." Andrew escorts Jeffrey out, and Charlie leaves, passing Sam in the hallway.

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