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Poor Josh

And we close with another montage. It's like two hits of recapper crack in one episode. The music is all organ and guitar -- I don't know it, but several eagle-eyed forum posters (or maybe that's "bat-eared forum posters" in this case) thought they heard shades of music from Top Gun. We're at the National Guard Training Center in Fort Worth. People work on planes. Santos, looking scrumptious in his flight gear, strides out onto the tarmac with two other pilots. He climbs into his plane. His name and nickname ("Badger") have been stenciled onto the side of the plane. He rolls the plane out onto the runway.

Back at Santos HQ, people are scurrying around, working. The music continues, but we see news coverage of Santos's Reserve drill. In the conference room, Josh is at the table with a whole bunch of people, including Louise. Santos jumped four points on security issues in the overnight poll, and Congressman Casanova seems to be pulling ahead in the gender gap. The camera pulls out as the staffers all dive into their work. And then the camera pans over to a television showing Vinick at a campaign event. Credits.

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