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Poor Josh

Josh finds Ronna and tells her to make plans for Louise (whom he calls "Lou") to go on the Florida/California trip. Ronna wonders what kind of loco weed Josh is smoking, pointing out that, a few minutes ago, he didn't even want her in the meeting. Josh tells her that she's smart and good, and that "it's better than having her on the outside lobbing mortars onto [his] lap." Ronna asks if she wants the vegetarian option (on the flight, I assume). Josh: "She'll have the raw meat."

Back at the elevator, Josh tells Louise that he wants her to join him on the trip, allowing as to how she can pick up a bag on the way to the airport. Packing at the last minute is never a success. You just know she's going to forget to pack something important, like underwear or her toothbrush. And then it's going to be a long and stinky trip. Josh tells Louise that he wants to hire her as Communications Director, answering to him. She's not interested. As she gets on the elevator, Josh tells Louise, "I am asking you to meet with the next President of the United States." Commercials.

Margaret enters C.J.'s office to tell her about some briefing of Jed and Bingo Bob concerning a Norwegian state dinner. There's a bit of bureaucratic babbling, and then not-Debbie (whose name is Nancy, I know, but I'm set in my ways) sticks her head in to tell C.J. that Jed is ready for her. Before C.J. leaves, Margaret tells her that Brock still wants a few minutes of her time. C.J.: "Tell him 'no.' In Norwegian, if you have to. That would be no-sk." As C.J. walks away, Margaret stays just about six inches behind her. Feeling that hot breath on her neck, C.J. turns around and asks her what's wrong. Margaret tells her that Babish's office has indicated that the first round of Congressional subpoenas should arrive any time now, and Margaret expects to be one of the first ones called to testify. Haltingly, she asks C.J., "If there's anything you want me to...?" C.J. interrupts her: "I want you to tell the truth." And then C.J. walks into the Office of O.

Josh and Louise have arrived in Tampa. As Josh exits an SUV, reporters start throwing questions around. He doesn't really answer any of them, but just passes out a policy paper and tells them that Santos is announcing a major new tax credit at the reverse town hall. One reporter asks when Santos will be available for questions. Josh tells him, "After you write about the tax credit." He ignores some more questions about the leak investigation. Someone asks how Leo feels about the White House's announcement about the investigation. Yeah, wouldn't it have been nice to see what Leo thought about all this? He must be campaigning in Mandyville this week. And then someone asks if Josh has a comment on the New York Post. Josh: "I'm against it. That's off the record." The reporter points out that there's a story on the paper's website pointing out that Santos has canceled four lunch events in the last two weeks. Someone else asks why he's always canceling lunch. The Post is calling it "Santos Siesta." I have a hard time believing that even the New York Post would stoop to such a level. Josh thinks the story is ridiculous, but one reporter makes it clear that this is more interesting to them than the same old economic speech they've already heard before. Josh says goodbye to the press and walks away from them. Ned is with him, and Josh tells him, "When I told you to tell the Post that we cancel lunches all the time, the point wasn't to emphasize..." Ned: "That we cancel lunches all the time?" Ned thinks it's kind of a fine line, but Josh doesn't see any subtlety there. Edie asks how they should deal with it, and Josh tells them that they'll hold a lunch event every day that week. "I don't care if we're stuffed to the gills, we put out a sandwich tray and we call it a lunch event."

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