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Poor Josh

By this time, the group has pedeconferenced into the building. Louise and Josh spar about his use of a message grid, and she accuses him of "fighting scandal with spreadsheets." He asks her what she wants him to do, and she tells him that they should start hitting back at Vinick. The group moves up some stairs, and a reporter approaches Josh. Josh tells him that he's not commenting on the leak story, but the reporter tells him that it's something else entirely -- something he'll like. And he hands Josh a folded piece of paper.

Santos and Bram are deep in the bowels of a restaurant (or hotel) kitchen. There are some fancy dishes being prepared. It must be awfully hard for these cooks to work, considering that the Secret Service undoubtedly made them put away all their sharp knives. I hope. Bram is telling Santos about a "listen-only conference call" scheduled immediately after the reverse town hall. Apparently, he'll be put on the phone with a bunch of local reporters, but they won't be able to ask him questions -- they can only hear what he has to say. Hearing the description, Santos tells Bram, "If it goes well, I can open it up to hand gestures." Bram tells him that, after the call, he's meeting with Louise (once again called "Lou"). A cute little waiter hands Santos a piece of paper for his autograph. Josh has caught up to them, and he tells Santos that it might be tough to recruit Louise, but that Santos should really try to get her on board. He also tells Santos that if she is hired, any ideas she has will be filtered through Josh. They slowly make their way through the kitchen. Santos wonders if the press is going crazy because he hasn't issued a statement on the leak investigation. Josh tells him, "I think I have a way to close the security gap overnight." It turns out that the letter Josh was handed was a notice requiring Santos to report for his annual Marine Corps Reserve duty, scheduled for two days starting the Tuesday after Labor Day, in Fort Worth. Santos seems pretty pissed that Time magazine got the letter before he did. I am wondering how that official government mail fell into their hands. Josh thinks this is a great opportunity: "This is everything we couldn't do at the convention. You in fatigues, wind in your hair, trench knife in your teeth." Josh is getting kind of turned on by this image. He verifies that it's an annual required event, so it won't look like a stunt because Santos is just following orders. And then Bram does his thing, so Santos leaves.

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