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Poor Josh

Josh sees a waiter -- the same one that had Santos sign an autograph at the other end of the kitchen -- and asks him for his best bottle of champagne. "Make it your tenth-best. Nothing with a screw-off top." And then Louise is there. Josh suggests that she go watch the reverse town hall, but she doesn't want to go in until the introductions are done. So then Josh asks her to leave so that he can talk about things she's not allowed to hear. She obligingly walks away, and Josh grabs Edie and Ned and tells them that Santos is doing his reserve duty two days after Labor Day. Josh tells Edie to work with the Marine Corps to organize a small press pool and to make sure that Santos's uniform fits like a glove. I know some folks that might volunteer for that duty. And then Josh grabs Ned and tells him to get documentation on all of Santos's past call-ups to show that he does this every year and that it's not just some kind of stunt. Ned has a thoughtful look on his face, and breaks it to Josh that Santos has often rescheduled his Reserve duty. Josh hopes that it was only when there was some crucial national security vote scheduled in Congress, but Ned breaks his heart by informing him it was usually when Santos was campaigning, or when one of his children was sick. And then the cute waiter walks up behind Ned and pops the cork on his tenth-best champagne. Hee.

White House. (Do you remember when every scene pretty much took place in the White House? Yeah, me too. Good times, good times.) Carol is making her semiannual appearance, telling Toby that there is a huge number of press requests about the leak investigation. They are progressing down the corridor, making their way to C.J.'s office. Toby tells Carol to refer all calls to the Counsel's office, but Carol tells him that Babish is not taking any press questions. She also tells Toby that there are three reporters camped outside his office. He tells her that's why he's nowhere near his office.

Toby enters C.J.'s office, and she asks him what the response has been to the announcement. He refers to "Arnold Vinick's plan to turn the federal government into an episode of Dragnet," and gives her a witness list for the Congressional hearings. C.J. notes that Brock's name is on the list, and predicts that he'll refuse to testify. She wonders if Congress will hold him in contempt. Toby: "First Amendment isn't what it used to be." C.J. tells Toby that she's been avoiding Brock all day. Toby thinks that's a good idea.

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