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The Quarterback of Notre Dame

Back on the plane. Jed's sitting there lost in thought when C.J. comes in. One of the reporters who's doing a sidebar on the game tomorrow wants to know why Jed went to Notre Dame. Jed says, "Why not?" C.J. emphasizes that she's just repeating someone else's question and points out that he was accepted at Harvard, Yale, and Williams. Jed says softly, "'Cause I was thinking about becoming a priest." D'oh! C.J. seems pretty intrigued to learn this, too. She says, "Really? What happened?" Martin Sheen has an adorable look on his face and I know (and you know) what he's going to say, and he says it: "I met Abby." ["Hey, you know who else was going to be a priest and quit when he met and fell in love with his future wife? My. DAD. Shout. OUT." -- Wing Chun] C.J. smiles (and I feel the need to mention again how gorgeous her smile is) and asks, "Why can't you ever give me answers like that when we're running for something?" (Please get Danny out of her life so she'll have more cause to smile. Thank you.) Jed replies, "'Cause I like to bother you." C.J. says, "Well, I shall not be defeated." He tells her to sit down. Toby comes in with the final draft. Jed tells him to sit down because they're landing in a minute and ten seconds. Toby wonders how he knows that. Jed explains that he sets his watch to the cockpit computer. (That is so something my husband would do. This is the sort of thing that explains my soft spot for Jed.) For no particular reason I can figure out, Jed asks Toby if he knows why the Assistant Energy Secretary is on the plane. Toby knows it's because of the meeting on the way back. I can't imagine why this exchange is here, but whatever. As Jed reads the speech, Toby says that he thinks Charlie's idea was a good one, and that he thinks POTUS should ask Leo to put together a team to study the feasibility of appropriations for a pilot program of one hundred teachers. Jed mentions that they're taking the tanker to Bahrain and the oil company's going to make a profit. And that the Marriage Recognition Act is going to be law. He asks, "A hundred new teachers? Instead of a hundred thousand?" Toby says, "Yeah." Jed allows, "Well, it's a start, I guess."

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