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The Fortune-Cookie Candidacy

Stackhouse walks away, unmolested by the small number of reporters he passes. When Jed steps outside, people call out "Mr. President!" Stackhouse turns his head slightly, as if startled by the sound, but also looking like he realizes no one will ever mean him when they say that. Too bad. He seems to represent most of the things that made me fall for Jed in the first place, most of which seem to have been in short supply of late. Jed stands on the steps watching Howard walk away as cameras flash. An agent asks him if he's ready to go. He's not. He calls to C.J. and asks if it would be possible to move the press off the church grounds: "I'm going to take questions for a little while." C.J.: "On what?" Jed: "Needle exchange." She runs off to do his bidding as he stands there looking incredibly presidential. He's definitely got that part down.

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