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The Fortune-Cookie Candidacy

Anyway, Baxley says it's getting difficult for BFA staff to plan strategy without knowing exactly when Stackhouse is going to drop out and endorse the President. Stackhouse wants to know what hour would be best for him: "I'm inconveniencing one of my opponents?" Baxley's trying to be serious. He says he's happy Stackhouse didn't respond on needle exchange. Josh glances at Amy. Stackhouse says, "I haven't responded on needle exchange." Baxley repeats that he's happy about it. Stackhouse clarifies that that doesn't mean he won't. Another Big Gun wants to know what Stackhouse is thinking. Susan: "Regarding what, Jason? This doesn't need to be tedious?" It doesn't? Groovy. Does that mean I can leave? Jason Big Gun says their understanding was that Stackhouse was going to drop out and support POTUS before the first debate. Susan: "Have we had the first debate?" Next Big Gun says no, but since the Sullivan decision, things are murkier. Another Big Gun says that Stackhouse didn't get into this to hurt the President. Stackhouse says he got in it to raise issues. Jason Big Gun is all for that. Stackhouse: "As long as I don't in any way speak." Maybe you could do mime. People love mimes. Josh interrupts to say that now that he has them all sitting down, he'll be right outside the door. He goes into the lounge across the hall and puts down his knapsack.

A young woman -- who could not be channelling Janie from The American President more if she tried -- comes to Charlie's desk asking if he needs her. Anthony's sitting there sullenly in a chair. Charlie asks the woman to take some documents to the Staff Secretary's office -- things that need to be signed today. He warns her that they're going to try to give her a whole stack of stuff: "And right there's where you become a man, Emily." Emily: "Should I use sex as a tactic?" Come on. You have got to be kidding me with this dialogue. Who talks like this? Charlie: "If you need to. Hell, even if you just want to." He asks her to copy some information in a file he hands her. She starts doing that, and Charlie sits at his desk. He asks Anthony if he wants to know what he's doing. Anthony just wants to know how long it's going to take. Charlie doesn't know. Anthony says he's leaving. Charlie: "Okay. See ya." To Emily: "Can you get me Mrs. Toscano at Social Services?" Hey, Gina left the Secret Service to be a social worker? Hmm. Maybe it's her mom. Emily says she'll be back in a few minutes.

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