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The Short List

Cut to Edward James Olmos/Roberto Mendoza coming down the hallway with a couple of aides. Margaret tells a junior staffer who he is, mainly for the audience's benefit. Cut to Harrison, pacing around in a room while Charlie babysits him. Harrison tells Charlie that his presence is unnecessary; Charlie responds that POTUS asked him to stay with him in case he needs anything. Charlie offers to stay outside if Harrison would prefer, which (no surprise) Harrison would. As Charlie's leaving to get Harrison some coffee, Mr. Silver Spoon says Charlie looks familiar and wonders if they've met before. Turns out that Charlie was a caddy for three summers at a golf course Harrison frequented; at this point, Harrison remembers his name. When Charlie leaves, Harrison stares in a way that gives me the creeps.

Back in the President's office, they're interviewing Mendoza. Sam asks about a note he has that says that Mendoza's rulings have been upheld more than any other district judge in the country; Mendoza replies that he guesses that's what comes of being right most of the time. POTUS laughs. Leo interrupts to ask to speak to POTUS (which I found strange; wouldn't Leo wait until an interview with a Supreme Court Justice candidate was finished?); Jed excuses himself into Leo's office. Leo tells the Prez he expects trouble from Lillienfield. Jed obviously knows all about Leo's past troubles with drugs; but he agrees with Josh about "getting through it."

Jed: Did you have a drink yesterday?
Leo: No, sir.
Jed: Are you going to have a drink today?
Leo: No, sir.
Jed: That's all you ever have to say to me.

Leo's still worried about the trouble it's going to cause; Jed's loyalty to Leo, however, is unshaken.

When POTUS returns to his office, Charlie's also there waiting and Jed asks if Harrison "got off okay." Charlie confirms this, and I say to the TV, "Right on! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya," (tm somebody on Hissyfit). Charlie also advises him that there's a bit of a crowd building outside his office; word seems to have leaked out. Sam has no more questions, and Mendoza remarks, "This is not an easy commission to get appointed to." Toby has a question: "Without knowing details or special circumstances, what would you say of someone refusing to take a drug test at the order of the President?" Mendoza considers this and replies that, without showing cause, it constitutes an illegal search and he would order the employee's reinstatement. Rock on, Your Honour. Toby gives POTUS a sidelong glance and Jed says, "Toby?" Toby: "Sold." Seeing that he's got the support of everyone in the room (Leo, Toby, Sam), POTUS asks Mendoza if it would surprise him to learn that he had been shortlisted for the position of Supreme Court Justice. Mendoza responds that it would. Jed: "Well then, this is gonna knock your socks off!" He tells Mendoza that he's going to name him as his nominee for the position on the bench; and furthermore, having learned his lesson in hiring Toby, tells Mendoza right up front, "You are not the first choice, but you are the last one, and the right one." Mendoza says he will accept the nomination "with honour." They all stand to shake hands; Toby advises him that it will be an "excruciating fight," but one which he has no intention of losing. They all agree they're up for a "good fight" and Jed opens the door to the hallway, announcing, "Mr Justice Mendoza!" He graciously gestures Mendoza to walk ahead of him and the fifty or so staffers lurking around outside the office applaud wildly and shake Mendoza's hand and congratulate him.

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