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The Short List

Back in Toby's office, he's reading the document Sam's brought him. Sam explains that it's an "unsigned note," a paper that every member of law review is required to prepare, running forty or so pages, well-researched, footnoted, supervised by faculty and then published without the author's name. Toby's skeptical that this note was actually written by Harrison, though Sam insists. Toby shouts, "What, I'm supposed to just trust 'the guy on the phone'?" Sam points out that he's spent the last three months reading everything Harrison's ever written and he's absolutely sure Harrison's the author. You can tell Toby knows Sam is probably right, and Toby calls his secretary Bonnie in and tells her, "I'm going to need the next five minutes the President's got." She's right on it.

Cut to Donna and Josh speeding down another hallway. Donna's asking how Lillienfield gets his information. Turns out he's on the House Government Oversight Committee and has access to background information on staffers. Donna tells her boss he shouldn't feel odd about interviewing her.

Josh: I met you, I talked to you, I hired you. You know anybody around here who uses drugs?
Donna: Yes.
Josh: You want to tell me who they are?
Donna: No.
Josh: Consider yourself interviewed.

You go, Josh! Apparently though, he has seen her records, and reminds her that she needs to learn that "no parking" means "no parking." Donna pleads that sometimes she can't find a space (that makes you special? Take a number, already), and goes back to her desk. In Josh's office Mandy is lying in wait and without so much as a howdy-do, declares, "We have everybody take a drug test and be done with it." Way to uphold personal freedom and the right to privacy, Mandy. Josh wants to know what makes her think everyone there can pass a drug test. Mandy thinks whoever can't, knows it and will quietly resign. Josh laughs and says, "Okay, problem solved." Mandy: "What is wrong in this day and age with demonstrating that the White House is drug-free? What is wrong with giving people that comfort?" Josh blasts her: "I would think that in this day and age people would be more comfortable knowing that they will not now, nor will they ever be forced to turn over evidence against themselves." Damn straight. He also tells Mandy that he knows her position is all about preserving the spotlight for the dog-and-pony show surrounding the nomination. Mandy counters that if the brouhaha regarding Lillienfield's accusations is bungled, they won't have to struggle to find the spotlight. Josh sighs and leans against the table next to where Mandy's perched, and asks, "So what do you think's really going on here?" Neither of them know, which, Mandy says, is what's making her nervous. She tells Josh. "It's time to talk to whoever you talk to." Josh agrees, hands her his coffee, and leaves.

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