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The Short List

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The Short List

Cut to a sidewalk. Josh is trying to find out if Danny has any information. Danny's a little annoyed with this and points out that it's not only not his job to help Josh out, but that he'd lose his job for helping Josh out. Danny then says that Lillienfield's "a jackass, but he's not stupid." Josh's take on it is that Lillienfield's got something, but it must be small, just enough to get the rock rolling down the mountain. Josh wonders what the target is; the nomination? Danny answers that he thought so too, but "Harrison's going to sail by no matter what." Josh tells him that no one's said it's Harrison, which Danny laughs off. Danny's point is that Lillienfield is not going to waste this ammunition on a done deal; he's after something better. Josh thanks him and starts to walk the other way; Danny calls out to him: "This is one of those times, man. Don't screw this up." Josh looks thoughtful and then throws Danny a bone: "C.J. likes goldfish." Danny's puzzled: "What?" "She likes goldfish. Can't get enough of'em." As Josh disappears, Danny yells, "Thanks!" and looks pretty damn happy to have this tidbit. ["I totally saw the next C.J.-Danny plot twist coming from this point." -- Wing Chun]

The Oval Office. POTUS is reading a particularly strong statement from the unsigned note, regarding Harrison's belief that the government is entitled to invade the privacy of the individual unless specifically prohibited by a provision of the Constitution. Yikes. Sam and Toby are standing there, too, and POTUS wants to know this hasn't ever been brought up until now. Jed can't believe that after two months of vetting this clown (okay, he doesn't use the word "clown") that the guy doesn't believe in a privacy guarantee, and that it never came up. Toby points out that it was never an issue in any ruling Harrison handed down (seems unlikely, but I'm not an expert, so who knows?). Toby's also still harping that they can't be certain Harrison wrote the note, and moreover, he states that he doesn't think they can hold him responsible for something he wrote twenty-nine years ago. Sam asserts that they're certainly not going to be able to hold him responsible if they put him in the bench, where the privacy issue will almost certainly arise. Jed says he wants Harrison in there first thing in the morning, and tells Toby and Sam that he doesn't care when either of them last slept, to get ready for this. I notice nobody's yelling about who da man is now. Sam and Toby leave and POTUS opens the door connecting his office to Leo's; Leo's in the middle of a meeting but asks the other attendees to give them the room. The President, in a tone of voice Leo obviously will know better than to argue with, tells Leo he wants to meet Mendoza. Leo: "Yes, sir."

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