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The State Dinner

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The State Dinner

While Josh tries to find a decent cup of coffee, Mandy tags along behind him with details of the Idaho situation. The police had a warrant because they believed there was an illegal handgun in a house. Mandy enigmatically describes the inhabitants as being "exactly who you think they are." Who did he think they were? Potato farmers? When the cops tried to enter, the residents wouldn't let them in, and "produced weapons." Mandy asks if it annoys Josh that the Prez listens to her. Josh says, "Yes, but you shouldn't take it personally; it bugs me when the President listens to anyone who isn't me." Then Mandy drops the apparent bomb that the cops are the ones who sold the illegal gun to the bad guys in the first place. Mandy says that there are also children in the house, and conflicts are already brewing among the local police, the FBI, and the ATF. She concludes by saying that "this is a PR disaster waiting to happen, and it's going to happen today. This is why you hired me." "Yeah, I was wondering why that was," says Josh, as the music inexplicably swells. Mandy asks, "It bugs you?" Josh attempts a Dawson-esque arm-flap, smiles, and says, "Yes." Mandy shakes her head and leaves. Wow, the romantic sparks between them threaten to blaze into an inferno of torrid passion. Not. But at least Mandy isn't putting the moves on Toby. ["Thank God." -- Wing Chun]

The Prez and the I-Prez are seated as a gaggle of reporters question and photograph them. The I-Prez remains terse. Danny, the world's oldest cub reporter, asks the Prez if he's aware of the Vermeil protest going on outside. C.J. interrupts and says that she will cover that issue at the next press conference, and then leads the reporters out. Danny needles C.J., saying that she doesn't know about the Vermeil situation. C.J. claims she does, and then angrily says, "My whole one o'clock briefing is going to be about the Vermeil protestors, isn't it?" Danny says, "I just raised the question in front of twenty-four White House reporters and you didn't answer it, so I would assume there's going to be some follow-up -- yes." Danny aims a nearby secretary at C.J. and wanders off. C.J. demands to know what Vermeil is and why it's upsetting people. C.J. walks away past the Prezes as Leo appears and pulls the Prez away for a few words. The Prez mentions that the I-Prez is either boring or rude. "I'm sitting out there trying to figure out how this guy could campaign for something and win; then I remember: we usually rig the election." Then the Prez asks if the I-Prez has to sit at his table. Leo points out that the I-Prez is the guest of honor. The Prez asks where Leo will be sitting, and is told that he will sit at the Prez's table. The Prez asks where Toby will be sitting. "With C.J. and Josh and Sam," Leo answers. "Ah, that's the fun table." ["Ha! When I worked in an office and put together seating arrangements for events, we'd always call the fun table 'the kids' table.'" -- Wing Chun] I'd be a little hurt if I was Leo, but on the other hand the Prez has a point. Leo whispers to the Prez that they are moving a group of battle carriers out to sea so that the storm doesn't smash them into the coast. I'm not sure why that would be a secret. The Prez goes back for more photos with the I-Prez.

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