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The State Dinner

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The State Dinner

Toby is writing the toast on a yellow legal pad while Sam types away at his laptop. Toby shuts the door and hands the pad to Sam, asking him to read it. Sam starts to, but upon noting its criticism of Indonesian policies he asks, "Do you really think it's a good idea to invite people to dinner and then tell them exactly what they're doing wrong with their lives?" Toby says, "Absolutely. Otherwise it's just a waste of food." Sam suggests softening the tone a bit, and reads his version: "As has often been said, a true friend tells another friend the truth, and on some issues we must speak candidly, or we could not in all honesty hold the great honor of being known the world over as Indonesia's friend." Toby, awed, says, "Wow. That was just about the worst writing I have ever heard." Toby probably doesn't watch the WB, though. Sam looks embarrassed, and says, "I know," but I bet he thought it was okay. ["I laughed out loud at Toby's line. Toby rocks." -- Wing Chun]

C.J. rattles off the Vermeil story at the press briefing. It's gold-plated silver, made in France in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the White House has a lot of it. Some people think it's a symbol of the yucky things the French royalty used to do. Like eat snails. The briefing ends, and Danny scampers after C.J. as she leaves. "You're a rabble-rouser, you know?" she snaps at him. "You rouse rabbles." C.J. says that the Vermeil protest consisted of six people with hand-made signs, and says that Danny "lent their weak and feeble voices a megaphone." Danny says he considers this a job well done, and asks what C.J. is wearing to the dinner. C.J. stops short, stunned by this question. Eventually she stammers that she'll be wearing a gray silk evening gown. Danny says he'll look forward to it, and walks away.

Sam and Laurie the Lovable Call Girl are having lunch at a diner. Sam whines about Toby's mean toast while Laurie tries to study for a law exam. Then she asks, "You're not afraid of being seen with me right now?" "Because of the way you're dressed?" asks Sam. Heh. Laurie says "No...Why? What's wrong with the way I'm dressed? No, because of my night job." Sam says no, but blinks and shrugs in a strange way so I have a hunch he's lying. He also says that her night job is "crummy," and asks if she has a date that evening as he munches on a pickle. She says that she does, but refuses to say with whom. He asks where they're going; she says she doesn't know. When Sam continues to question her about her date, she complains that she has to study. Sam testily recites some facts about the case. Laurie says, "Thank you for that display of geek bravado, but I'd like to learn this myself so I can graduate from law school, practice law, and give up my night job." Sam says that law school has little to do with the practice of law. Laurie notes that it does have something to do with graduating from law school, and asks Sam to shut up. Sam repeats that her night job stinks. Laurie takes a bite of her pickle.

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