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The State Dinner

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The State Dinner

Leo tells the Prez about the hurricane and the ships, and they walk into an office to talk with some captain about the situation. The captain says that there are a total of about twelve thousand men on the ships, and that the storm will hit them in twenty minutes. The Prez asks if he can talk to the commander of the fleet, and they agree to set it up. The captain leaves, and Leo tells the Prez that the negotiator is being prepped for surgery. In the kitchen, Toby, Josh, Donna, the interpreter, the kitchen guy, and Bambang play the telephone game. After a couple of sentences make their way back and forth among all the people, Bambang says, "Why don't we just speak in English?" "Donna...." says Josh. Donna says, "You should keep in mind all the things I do right," and leaves. ["Fire her!" -- Wing Chun] Toby dismisses the interpreter and the kitchen guy, and tells Bambang, "A friend of mine is in one of your jails. I want you to let him out." Bambang asks, "Your friend led anti-government demonstrations." Toby says, "That's what he does. He teaches students to protest." Hey, Toby is friends with radicals. Neat. Bambang points out that he is being asked for a favor, and says, "I think you have a lot of nerve. That was a despicable and humiliating toast your president made, and I know you are the one who wrote it." Toby stares blankly for a second, wipes his forehead, and finally says, "Please understand that with so many people watching, with so much media coverage, it was important for us to make clear that the United States, with its commitment to human rights --" Bambang interrupts to ask if Toby thinks it is hypocritical that the U.S. committed genocide against Native Americans, yet now tells other countries how to behave. Toby agrees that it is, still looking stunned. Bambang tells Toby to go to hell, and walks out. Josh tells Toby they'll take care of it. Toby stands in the kitchen, looking very lost. Aw.

C.J. types away on her computer when Jimmy Olsen, I mean Danny, wanders in. He mentions hearing that an FBI agent was shot in Idaho. C.J. says she'll have a statement in fifteen minutes. He presses her, and she asks, "When you flirt with me are you doing it to get a story?" Danny says no, he does it to flirt with her. C.J. says she doesn't believe him, but Danny says that's her problem. Banter, banter, fishcakes. He leaves. ["C.J., you can do better than Elliot from thirtysomething." -- Wing Chun]

The teamsters are arguing when the Prez walks into the room. They all stand up as he asks how things are going. Seymour says they're at an impasse. The Prez asks if they're hungry and tired, and they say that they are. The Prez says, "Talk to me for five minutes apiece, and then we're going to settle this." They all start to take their seats again, but the Prez corrects them: "Stay standing." Heh.

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