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The Pale and Bony Hand of Death writes, "FUNDAMENTALISM." Oh, goody. I can't wait.

Jed and Leo stroll toward the Oval Office, where "General Alexander is waiting." Jed says he should have brought his tie, then, and Leo says they've "got a situation." That happens a lot. In fact, it happens so often that they should have a special room for when that happens. In the Office of O, Alexander waits, and on arrival, Jed opens with a smart-ass remark about whether Alexander has a tie. There you go, Jed. Never enter a room without making sure everyone knows you're almost too bored to listen to anything they have to say. As it turns out, General Alexander is there to inform Jed that there are protestors in Riyadh demanding free speech, press, and popular elections. More important than your neckwear issue, eh, Grouchy McSnide?

I guess that the PBHD has finished writing, because now the camera is just skimming over his letter: "FOR AN AMERICAN EMPIRE...." Wait, if that was going to turn into a list of ingredients, I know some people who'd like the camera to show the rest of it. ["I think I know that one: 'Mix one cup liberty with three teaspoons of justice. Add one informed electorate. Baste well with veto power...Stir in two cups of checks, sprinkle liberally with balances.'" -- Wing Chun] General Alexander voices over, "It's in the streets," and that brings us back to the Office of O, where Alexander explains that they don't know for sure who's running the protests, but that they are something new for Riyadh. Jed asks for comment from Leo, who says that "free speech is good...a free-for-all for a quarter of the world's oil reserves laced with rabid anti-American sentiment." As is customary for the Bartlet administration, Leo is neither Republican nor Democrat; he is a Glibertarian. "Yeah," Jed mutters with great import.

The PBHD seals the letter and puts it in a drawer, addressed to -- wow! -- "Jed Bartlet, The President of the United States, The White House." It's good of Lassiter to provide extra clues in case nobody knew who Jed Bartlet was, or where to find him. Lassiter is a lot like the title cards that way, actually. I love hints, because I am not very bright. I guess I must be this show's target demographic.

Credits! I've never gotten over Shack's theme lyrics, by the way, because I hear them in my head every time I hear this music. "A shooooow...about the Prez..." Hee. Go read them again. We can all suffer together.

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