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Just then, Secret Service Guy walks by Leo and mutters, "The president's dead." Okay, that? Would not happen. Not that I expect perfect realism, but...come on, now. After a brief stricken look hits Leo's face, Jed comes around the corner -- oh, whew, he's not dead! -- and reports gravely that Lassiter has apparently taken his hip surgery harder than expected, because he is now not so much alive. We fade out on the presidential seal. I wonder if that's supposed to be noteworthy.

We blink, and it is Tuesday at 10 AM-TCT. We hear before we see Josh and Toby strolling down the hall, talking about how Lassiter was a horrible conservative nightmare with a terrible wife and such. Toby insists that he will write no eulogy, but Josh predicts that with Toby "riding shotgun on Air Force One," it's likely he'll be pressed into service. As he passes C.J., Toby refers to Lassiter's death with the very tacky "All good things must come to pass." What's stupid about that comment, aside from the fact that it's tacky, is that no guy who had been in politics for very long would cheer for a guy's death just because he was a political opponent, unless the guy had a reputation for being a horrible human being as well, which isn't indicated here. Many politicians are good friends with people with whom they have literally not one smidgen of ideology in common, and everyone who has actually ever met a wide range of politicians knows that there are good guys and assholes in all parts of the spectrum, so the idea that Toby would cheer Lassiter's death just because he was conservative, even very conservative? Without providing more explanation, it's just cheap and dumb. Saying "Republican" and "conservative" a lot doesn't provide a motivation for Toby to be gloating over a guy's death.

C.J., Toby, and Josh meet with Leo and the military's Cruise Director In Charge Of Presidential Bucket-Kicking, and they sit through a lot of explanation of exactly what we do when a president dies, which is inserted for the purpose of informing you that there are all kinds of special protocols that go into effect and that the death of a president is a very important thing and that it should be taken seriously and that it has meaning and that it might teach us all a thing or two now and then if you get the hammer I am putting to your head, and I'm pretty sure that you unquestionably do, even if you are dead yourself. Leo gives up that Lassiter's funeral will be at his Presidential Library, and POTUS, for good or for ill, will be giving one of the eulogies. Leo will not be traveling, because he will be "monitoring the situation in Riyadh." C.J. has to stay behind as well, so Toby is going, and he's writing the eulogy, and Leo doesn't want to hear him bitch. Josh exposits that the lawyers on the Bill of Rights abduction are coming in to see him, and Leo remarks that this seems rather unimportant in the grand scheme of dead presidents and Saudi Arabian outbreaks of democracy.

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