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Josh approaches C.J.'s office, to which the door is closed, and asks Carol if she's in there. C.J.'s wild laughter can be heard through the door. "Hang on; she's getting off," says Carol. Josh freezes. "The phone," Carol finishes simply. Yes, it's a cheap joke. Yes, I still thought it was kind of funny. "You want Josh?" Carol asks C.J. over the speaker. "Lord knows I do," C.J.'s voice comes back. Josh enters just as C.J. is hanging up the phone. "Josh Lyman, as I live and breathe," she says giddily as she offers him a cookie. He starts to go for one, but when she spills that they're from Donna's mom, he stops, frowns, and walks on by. "I spoke to [Judiciary Lisa]," he says. C.J. wonders what Lisa had to say, and Josh just says, "I don't want to talk about it." He pauses, and then says, "I'm hiding. From Toby." C.J. giggles, but before they can get too far into this, Toby himself enters the room, which makes C.J. giggle again. They give her a little bit of crap about her weird affect, and C.J. says she didn't get enough sleep. "You were with Ranger Rick, weren't you?" Josh asks. She freezes and turns to Toby. "Josh spoke to [Judiciary Lisa]," C.J. tells him. "She give you a name?" Toby asks Josh with intense curiosity, but Josh is still concentrating on C.J. and her apparent tryst with Ben. "You are a faithless wench," he says with an unmistakable "go you" half-smile. Toby still wants the name, and Josh can't really hold it back anymore, no matter how much he'd rather be discussing C.J.'s sex life. "Christopher Mulready," Josh says. "Wait for it," he adds in an aside to C.J. There is a pause. "Christopher Mulready?" Toby finally says with great fury. "There it is," Josh says simply. Toby rails about Mulready, and his book that disses unenumerated powers and substantive due process, and his belief that the Constitution doesn't protect the right to abortion or the right to be free from electronic surveillance or anything of that sort -- and, as C.J. points out, the guy is only in his forties. Josh says that the right will have problems voting for the guy too, because some of them have moderate constituencies who aren't crazy about undoing the last fifty years of federal judge-made law. Toby continues freaking out, but Josh points out that this is the deal they're talking about making. "He's what Evelyn Lang is to them," he says. "This isn't going to work," Toby says coldly. "Yeah," Josh answers. He leaves, and C.J. stares at Toby. "It isn't," he repeats to her.

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