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But although Toby says it isn't going to work, the next thing we see is Josh in his office being visited by Toby: "If -- if -- we were going to try this, what would be the plan?" Josh says that they'd give Mulready's name to Jed and Leo, and then Lang and Mulready would both come in. Hopefully, Jed would like them both and agree to the deal "without noticing he's standing in the gaze of history, pantless." Hee. Jokes about the social sciences and underwear are reliably funny. Toby agrees to talk to Jed, because it will sound better coming from him, given Josh's known feelings about Lang. He asks about the committee, and Josh says that Lisa is taking the idea to the chair. Toby isn't talking about that -- Toby is talking about the Democrats. What about Pierce? He won't want to vote for Mulready. "What are you going to do about Pierce?" Toby demands. It's interesting how hard Josh is pushing this idea, considering that it is almost literally true that no one besides himself can stand the thought of it. Just then, the God of Comic Timing returns, bringing Swimtern through the office, singing "Stay" at the top of his voice. "I thought you were firing him," Toby says. "If wishing made it so," Josh sighs. Toby takes off, and Josh hollers for Donna. "Send in Elvis," he says.

Swimtern pops into Josh's office, asking what's up. Josh invites him to sit down, and mentions that he may have been "a little brusque" before. Swimtern doesn't care. Heh. "Your feelings a little hurt?" Josh asks. "Not at all," Swimtern assures him. Josh asks why not. Swimtern: "Would this be easier if they were?" Josh says that he indeed had planned to fire Swimtern earlier, but they ascertain that now, that's not happening. "Then there's an old 'sticks and stones' thing that comes to mind," Swimtern shrugs. I really do think these two have nice chemistry when their stuff is well-written. There's something good there, and they've usually missed it by about six inches in either direction -- either Swimtern is too obnoxious, or Josh is too nasty to him, and it doesn't work as well as it wound up working here.

Debbie is sitting at her desk, listening to music. She watches the office door warily as Toby paces, waiting to talk to Jed. Leo enters, and they touch base about Toby's conversation with Andy, who didn't budge, of course. "We got a name for Brady's seat," Toby says, almost a little amused. "Somebody workable?" Leo asks, but before Toby can answer, Debbie sends them in to see POTUS. We remain in the outer office with her and her music, and only hear Jed yell, "MULREADY? NO! Are you out of your bloody mind?" Jed continues yelling at the top of his lungs, and Debbie turns up the music. I really liked the way this was handled, because I really don't need to hear Jed shout and holler again, and this was a lot more effective. Debbie simply puts her glasses on and gets down to work, whatever it is that she does.

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