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In the hallway, Toby asks where the senator is. "He's with C.J.," Josh says, still tipsy. "He got me a little drunk," Josh whispers. Toby asks if the senator is leaving. "I think he's getting C.J. a little drunk," Josh whispers again. Josh asks how things are going with Lang and Mulready. "He's striking down gay marriage bans, and she's defending him," says Toby. "And they're as thick as thieves, and he's a fan of chain-yanking." Josh, shocked, takes a moment to register the fact that Lang is defending Mulready.

We cut to the room where Lang and Mulready are arguing good-naturedly, while Josh and Toby watch and listen from outside. They're arguing about a real case in which the actual Supreme Court determined that the Gun-Free School Zones Act was unconstitutional, because Congress had no powers in the Constitution that would allow it to pass a law like that. (Totally Unnecessary But Marginally Relevant Digression You Should Feel Free To Skip: State governments have far more general power to legislate whatever they see fit. The federal government, in theory, has the power only to do certain things, but those certain things have been broadly interpreted over time. Quiz: What Congressional power is, for instance, the Civil Rights Act based on? The answer is...the power to regulate interstate commerce. Eh? Yep. Theoretically, the basis of the federal Civil Rights Act is that discrimination by, for instance, hotels and restaurants prohibited racial minorities from traveling and engaging in commerce across state lines, because if they traveled across, say, the state of North Carolina, they might go hundreds of miles between hotels that would allow them to stay there. Neat, huh? Read the case.) At any rate, the talk between Lang and Mulready is interesting, well-written, and dead-on. Excellent job. Toby and Josh listen to this respectful, heated, thoroughly lively intellectual debate with great admiration.

Toby storms into the Office of O, as Debbie protests that Jed is waiting to meet Mulready. Josh, meanwhile, heads into the meeting between C.J. and Pierce, where the two of them are now singing "American Pie." You know, it's a funny scene, but that's...unlikely. Plus, they skip a line. What's up with that? Josh, with no more time to careen around drunkenly, asks them to put down their glasses and listen up.

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