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Toby, meanwhile, gets a phone call. First, he has to assure whoever it is that they're not having a party over Brady's death -- "Well, not a big party." Heh. Back in the meeting, talk turns to someone named Lang, and Josh asks, "Isn't she kind of a lefty?" Does anyone in politics actually say "lefty"? I have to doubt it. C.J. says that Lang is merely a "decoy duck," and should be interviewed somewhere more visible than Josh's office. Leo explains for the audience's benefit, probably unnecessarily, that the idea of some of the decoy candidates is to "mollify" the left and "panic" the right (Lang is being used largely for the latter) to the point where they'll all lie down and happily accept whichever moderate winds up being chosen. Toby breaks in just long enough to report, apparently based on his phone call, that someone-or-other is to be added to the "never consider" list. C.J. returns to the previous discussion, suggesting that Lang should meet with Josh and Toby, rather than just Josh, to make it look more legitimate. Leo sends them all off to get working: "First person to find me a Supreme Court justice gets a free corned beef sandwich." Hmm. "If it is reasonable to think that a Supreme Court Justice can be bought so cheap, then the country is in greater trouble than I had imagined."

Cut to Josh and Toby's interview with Evelyn Baker Lang, played by a less-affected-than-usual Glenn Close. They pay a little lip service to how much they love her work, and then Josh starts in on the "are you really interested" line of questioning, to which Lang smoothly replies, "We can just chat." "I'm sorry?" Josh says. She comments that she heard about how he tried to get Hayden seated, although it apparently didn't work out, and Hayden is still teaching. Toby seems peeved that Lang has changed the subject to something unrelated to the interview, and she looks over at him, trying to cut through the nonsense as efficiently as possible. "The conservative anchor of the Court has just died," she says. "A young, brilliant thinker who brought the right out of the closet and championed a whole conservative revival. You cannot replace Owen Brady with a woman who overturned a parental consent law. You'd be shish kebabed and set aflame on the south lawn. Two reporters have -- three reporters have walked by since we started. I'm window dressing. It's fine; I'm happy to help, but let's just chat about the weather." She smiles pleasantly. Toby and Josh stare at her in awe. Josh is already thinking about writing "Mr. Josh Baker Lang" on the back of all his notebooks.

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