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In the corridor, Toby and Josh walk-and-talk about how impressive she was. "Maybe we should put her on the short List," says Josh. Toby just turns and looks at him, and Josh says nothing further. Because...no. They call for their next appointment, and hand off the Lang folder to Donna. "This is...?" Donna says. "That's a 'no,'" Josh tells her, disappointed but resigned. We leave Josh staring meaningfully into space, thinking about the fact that Glenn Close still looks pretty good -- in fact, better than she did in Fatal Attraction.

Credits. Can we get a better still of Spencer? For cryin' out loud, he looks like he's passing a kidney stone while trying to do long division.

After the commercials, Donna is trying to get Josh to sign something, but is hesitant to move her arm so that he can see what he's signing. Warily, he takes it from her. As it turns out, he's signing a note of apology to Ashland, who was unfortunately sent condolence flowers of the "sorry you died" variety. "He's alive," Josh says, puzzled. "That's what he said," Donna replies. Hee. Josh wants Protocol on the phone for some good old-fashioned ass-kicking, but Donna fesses up that it was actually an inside job. "It was an honest mistake," Donna protests. "Ashland's eighty, he's knock-knock-knockin' on --" "Who put the order in?" Josh asks, incredulous. The gods of comic timing send Swimtern up to them to chirp, "Hey, guys!" at just this moment, and Donna's guilty look says it all. "You sent a funeral bouquet to the living, breathing Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?" Josh asks Swimtern. "No, I sent 'em to the guy who died, Brady," Swimtern says, confused. Josh breaks it to him that this is not, in fact, what he did. "This is -- terrible," Swimtern stammers, following after Josh. He apologizes, keeping up the running banter after they're inside Josh's office. "I'm a nightmare with details," he says. "It's embarrassing; the stuff just leaks outta my head." He goes on: "We should leave the detail work to Donna; she's got the head for it. I'm more of a big picture kinda guy." Josh looks over Swimtern's shoulder to Donna, who's standing right there. Swimtern, turning and seeing her, looks at least slightly chagrined, but Donna looks mostly amused as she wanders off. "She's here because she's invaluable," Josh says simply. "You're here because your uncle's so powerful I can't fire you. Big picture!" Hee hee.

Just then, Judiciary Lisa shows up and stands in the doorway of Josh's office. She says she needs two minutes with Josh, and after familiarizing herself with Swimtern, she follows Josh out. She wants to know, unsurprisingly, when she'll see a List. Josh protests about maybe letting the body get cold first, and she starts disgustedly rattling off a list of people she knows Josh has been meeting with, including Lang, who she thinks represents someone's obvious "acid trip." She tries to reason with Josh: "The committee's not going to let the balance of the court hurtle wildly to the left, and fill Brady's seat --" Josh points out, quite rightly, that it's not exactly "Brady's" seat, in the sense that his name is on it nor was it created for him. "Girelli has a fondness for Vicodin, and Evelyn Lang is not an option," Judiciary Lisa says firmly. "Save us all some time." Josh insists that they're certainly "not going to nominate a born-again elk hunter with a tattoo of the Confederate flag on his ass." Hey, I think I know that guy. She rattles off a couple of acceptable names, including one Brad Shelton, and promises that if the administration were to attempt to confirm Lang or one of the other hard lefties, the next year would be "a living hell." She looks at him curiously and adds, "I tell you this as a person who would be your friend, if I looked for different things in friends." "We should do this more often," Josh growls, turning up the Flirt-O-Matic to its little-used "Mondo" setting. "As often as it takes," says an unaffected Judiciary Lisa before wandering off. Apparently, Josh's mojo is getting creaky.

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