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"We don't hate Asians," Leo is saying as Toby enters his office, and for some reason, the patience with which he reads that line just really made me laugh. Leo is explaining to someone on the phone why there isn't a place on the List for "Justice Wong," who is so important in his current seat that they can't afford to consider him, you see. Leo thanks whomever it is and hangs up, and then tells Toby to "do a drive-by" of Sebastian Cho of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, and Toby agrees. In the opening of the only dud story of the evening, Leo tells Toby that there's a congressional delegation going to Gaza blah blah blah, long story short, Andy is leading the delegation, and the delegation is not pleasing the president. Toby says he'll take care of it. Josh walks in just as Toby is leaving. "What's up?" Josh asks. There is a pause. "We hate Asians," Toby replies. "Okay," Josh says with a sort of "that's all right; I'm sure there's an explanation" face on.

Debbie is spraying the flowers by her desk with a water bottle. Rina drops by with a stack of files, one of which is for Jed. "You can put it in his hot little hands yourself," Debbie says, because Jed is just passing. "Uh, this is for you, sir," Rina says pleasantly, handing over the file to POTUS. "Thank you, Lana," Jed says, and walks on by. Oof. Rina makes like she might correct him, and then she doesn't. When he's passed, she turns and gives Debbie exactly the right little embarrassed shrug. Debbie looks at her empathetically and mouths, "Okay." Everything about that bit was exactly right, and it still is as Debbie follows Jed into his office. "I hate to do this," she says, "but it's Rina, sir. The girl in the dress? With the flowers?" "Just now?" Jed says. "Yes," Debbie says patiently. "What'd I call her?" Jed asks. "Lana." "Who's Lana?" "I'm guessing an exotic dancer from your spotty youth," Debbie offers. "I should apologize," says Jed impatiently. "Get her back." Debbie hesitates. "You asked me yesterday how the schedule gets off the rails?" she says. "Yeah," Jed says. "This is how," she tells him gently, and then she leaves.

Leo and Josh stroll in with news of the interview process. They're happy with a couple of people. Josh mentions that Lang was impressive. "Gal from the Fourth? Didn't she strike down some --" "Parental consent for abortions," Toby puts in. "Yeah, that's not gonna happen," Jed says brusquely, losing interest. Leo calls her a "red flag to a bull," and Josh comments that it's working, because Judiciary Lisa has already been by for a visit. The emerging good option seems to be Shelton, although it is made clear that they should continue courting Lang for effect. Josh rattles off a long, boring list of names that obviously does not inspire him. Including someone named "Ellis Yaffee," which is just a good name. If I were ever going to be reincarnated as a college professor, I would want my name to be Ellis Yaffee. In fact, you can start calling me that now. Say it with me -- Yaffee! Yaffee! Yaffee! It should certainly be used for something. Maybe one of those slick new party games. And when you rolled the dice and two threes came up, you'd have to say "Yaffee!" and then you'd get double points. Wait, I'm going to write this down. Don't steal my idea. If I see you marketing "Yaffee!" a year from now, I'm coming for you.

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