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"Tuesday," we are told. C.J. is typing at her computer. And as soon as you see her smile, you know exactly what she's doing -- she's instant-messaging with Ben. That's a great job by Allison Janney, because I knew what she was doing the second they cut to her. Toby walks in on her and asks what she's doing. "Nothing," she insists. Carol sneaks up behind Toby and tells him C.J. has a date. "She's getting fired," C.J. says pointedly. Toby comes right on in and talks about how they're bringing Lang back for another round, but C.J. is still watching the screen with half her attention. Toby tries to lean over her laptop to peek, but C.J. pulls it shut, knocking him into a bottle of hand lotion, which winds up oozing out onto his fingers. He smells it and nods, both approvingly and suspiciously. C.J. goes back to her chat. Does she wear lotion to IM with cute boys? I've never thought of that, I must admit.

Jed, meanwhile, is meeting the famous Brad Shelton -- played, as it happens, by Robert Picardo, who means something different to everyone, but to me, is Dr. Dick from China Beach. ["So not a 'Brad Shelton,' by the way. Someone named 'Brad Shelton' should be played by, like, Tom Berenger." -- Wing Chun] Jed tells Shelton that the staff hears only good things about him. "What'd they miss?" Jed asks. "My son burned you in effigy," Shelton says simply. Jed takes off his glasses. "Did you watch?" he asks calmly. "I didn't," Shelton says. "It was a campus demonstration against American presence in Saudi Arabia. There's a photo in his yearbook. Someone will dig it up. I thought it would sound better in person than on paper." Jed makes a hilarious frowny-face, and says, "I'm not sure it did." He goes on: "Did he burn anybody else?" "No," Shelton says with absolutely no emotion. "Just you." That was just...hilarious and strange, which is what this show used to be like a lot of the time, right before it got windy and pretentious. I am also amused by the idea of anyone's burning Jed in effigy, because he just doesn't seem objectionable enough. Then again, I'm not in college anymore. I think burning people in effigy loses its allure right around the time you start paying your own rent.

Lang is walking into the White House with Josh and Toby, telling them how she's "missed [them] both" since the last time they met...you know, yesterday or whenever. She remarks on the fact that she keeps running into Shelton and seems to be fishing for what that means, but Toby just thanks her for being a sport, basically. She shrugs it off, saying that the only thing about it that sucks is that it's taking up her time, which is kind of valuable, seeing as how she's a Circuit Court judge and stuff. True, that.

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