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How Now, Butter Cow?

Back at Josh's apartment. The lighting people, always an erratic bunch on this show, have elected not to light Josh's apartment at all other than from streetlights. I imagine the "More Light!" Brigade freaking out completely. Someone knocks on his door (three guesses, kids), and he goes to answer it. It's You-Know-Who, saying, "Donna told me to come over. What's going on?" Man, he got Donna to arrange this? Weak, dude. He says, "Thanks for coming." When Amy comes in, Josh apologizes, saying that something's wrong with the lights. "Let me feel around for a switch, here..." They reach the entrance to his living room, he throws the switch, and we see that the living room is decorated with strings of colourful paper lamps and lights. I believe I see a palm tree...probably plastic. When he throws the switch, we also hear the strains of the chorus of "Red, Red Wine" by UB-40. Nice wiring job, getting that all perfectly synchronized. And it's all very cheesy and TV-predictable, but it's still totally charming and Amy is, indeed, charmed. And I would be, too. I'm a complete sucker for crap like this. She looks around and takes it all in as Josh watches her reaction. She asks, "You did this?" He confesses that the same people who dress his apartment and stock his fridge did it. No, no. He takes all the credit: "A little piece of Tahiti right here in Georgetown." Well, except for the "Tahiti" part. But, you know, big points for effort. He inquires, as he grabs a red plastic lei off the palm tree, "Would you like a Samoan Fog Cutter, or a Navy Grog?" He says that the Fog Cutter has three kinds of rum, including Bacardi 451, which forum posters inform me is not an actual liquor. I wouldn't know. Amy leans against the door frame and starts playing with Josh's ear. He tries to tell her about what's in a Navy Grog, but the ear action is throwing him, and she asks, "Did you ask me over to exchange recipes?" He slips the lei over her head, although she hasn't even taken off her fur-collared coat yet. She asks, "Should I change?" Josh: "Into what?" Somebody more mature? Eh, probably no need. She says, "I remember a pair of big pyjamas." Yeah, those were hot. Josh smiles adorably and says, "Yeah, good thinking." She suddenly says, "You can turn on the news, you know." She's grabbed the remote from somewhere and is already turning it on as Josh says he doesn't want to see the news. She says, "Just to see how they're covering Iowa." He takes the remote from her and turns it off without looking at it. Good boy. You're learning. He gazes at her and she smiles, and he leans ever so slightly toward her, and she puts her hand on his chest, and then he leans over and kisses her. The scene fades out with them macking on each other.

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