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The Truth, and Other Nuisances

Josh wanders through the central office, drawn to some giggling staffers. Four women, including Ginger, Donna, and Margaret, are looking over a website. Josh wanders by to find out what's going on. Ginger greets Josh, "Hi, Sugar Lips." That certainly puts him off his game. The women are looking at a web site called LemonLyman.com, a fan site for our lovely Deputy Chief of Staff. Josh is shocked. Donna explains, "You have fans, Josh. Not many of them, from the looks of it, but what they lack in number, they more than make up for in fervor." The women point to something on the screen and giggle. Josh asks what these fans talk about. Donna explains that they talk about Josh's television appearances, and that there's a part of the site where they detail their Josh sightings, many of which Donna is certain are fabricated. Donna explains that they're currently looking over "The Josh Fantasy Date" section, where women (and not a few men) describe what they would do with Josh if they had the chance. Josh looks slightly disturbed. Yeah, Josh. Welcome to the world of fanfic. I hope you haven't eaten recently. Josh tells the staffers who don't work in that part of the office to go back to wherever it is they work. Margaret cracks that she wants to work over here now. Yeah, a few phone calls to Redneck, New Hampshire, while standing out in the freezing cold will probably send her right back into Leo's arms. The other women leave, and Donna fills Josh in on his schedule. He's not really paying attention, though, and tries to sneak a peek at the website. Donna catches Josh, and he plays it off innocently, wandering off and telling Donna to let him know when C.J.'s briefing starts.

Cut to the Oval Office, where Leo is waiting for POTUS. Jed wanders in, and now I can make out the lighter hair tones. It's kind of sandy brown along the sides, but grayish-blond on the top. I'm surprised there wasn't a subplot about the politics of changing the president's appearance and how it affects polling or whatever. Jed wants to know whether they're going to hear from delegates from Michigan. Leo assures him that they will, and tells him that they're going to demand that the whole alternative energy initiative be entirely voluntary. Jed insists that he's not going to let polluters write environmental laws. Well, good luck with that. I bet they've donated a lot more money to congressional campaigns than you have. Jed asks after some energy union groups. Leo says their concern is that the only jobs at risk are those of the Saudis. Leo explains further that this meeting will discuss raising fuel efficiency standards to forty miles to the gallon. Jed nods and asks what else is going on. Leo tells Jed that he's going to be reprimanded this evening on the House floor for suggesting that Gov. Ritchie is a big dummy-head. Jed pulls some unfunny shtick calling Leo dumb, and I'm not recapping it. Charlie comes in to let them know that C.J.'s press conference is starting.

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