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The Truth, and Other Nuisances

The Subplot of Sorkin's Discontent. Donna walks into Josh's office to discover him looking over the message boards of LemonLyman.com. Josh needs Donna's help posting something, because he broke all his fingers a few moments ago and can't type anymore. Donna immediately responds, "No." She tries to convince him that it would be a bad idea to post on the boards. Donna: "You don't know these people." Josh: "Neither do you." Donna, confidently: "Yes, I do." Josh: "What's wrong with them." Donna: "Nobody knows." Josh thinks that it's cool that all these people take an interest in government, and that they should be applauded. Donna says that's fine, as long as Josh doesn't post. Josh says he wants to respond to the people because he's not some elitist. Donna points out that he is. Josh admits it, but says, "I have respect for people who don't measure up." Unless they're Republican opponents for president, of course. Donna warns him that "people on these sites tend to be a little hysterical." And sexy. Don't forget sexy. Josh wants to correct something that somebody said on the site. Somebody with the screenname "Erma Trude" posted about a recent Josh appearance on Nightline. Apparently, Josh said that "they" would be asking the GAO to study Medicare drug prices. Erma points out that only Congress can make such requests. Somebody on the TWoP West Wing boards pointed out that this coincides with some criticism of the show's accuracy on some other site. Josh thinks it's really cool that these people know how the GAO works, because it's so bizarre that a bunch of people with a crush on the Deputy Chief of Staff might know how the government works. Donna deadpans, "It's cool as all giddy-up." Josh makes Donna sit down to type a response for him. Donna warns him not to, but capitulates anyway. He dictates a response to Erma, thanking her for watching him on Nightline, then explaining that when he said "they" would be asking the GAO report, he meant Democrats (presumably the ones in Congress), not the White House. Then he has Donna sign the post, "Lemon Lyman." He thinks it's playful. Donna thinks he's an idiot, though she doesn't say so out loud. Josh tells Donna that she should get more into the spirit of this. Donna snarks, "What Josh doesn't know is that some of these people haven't taken their medication. Let's see what happens next." Oh, Donna. There is no treatment for haremism. She posts the message.

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