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Leo enters and asks if things went well. C.J. gives a negative "yeah." She asks how talks with the French went, and Leo says, "Like talking to Madame Defarge." Or, as I like to say, like talking to El Debarge, because I have no idea what he means. C.J. says that the U.N. is scared to death of an Iranian nuke. Leo says that maybe the U.S. should just fall in line. C.J. says that the reform movement has gained a lot of ground in ten years, and that you've gotta love Iran and their newfound Western-loving ways. She notes that, if he refuses to apologize and the British retaliate, the Ayatollah can rebuild the nuclear plants with the added benefit of anti-American sentiment. Blah blah blah. I hate when they talk politics. Can't we just concentrate on whether Josh and Donna are ever going to fuck each other?

Toby approaches Leo and C.J. and says that the First Lady has requested that they cancel the President's address tonight and just issue a statement instead, because she thinks he's not up to it. Leo says, "That's not her call." And he's totally right. Like, stop messing in world affairs, First Lady Hair. Toby says he told her that, and C.J. says she'll talk to Abbey. Just then, Leo notices Miss World and says wistfully, "I used to love this time of year." Perv. C.J. and Toby look at him quizzically. C.J. asks why she's with Gordon, and Toby explains that Gordon was asking for the tick tock, and that Miss World should distract him for a while.

Leo asks if Abby has been more involved since C.J. got back from China, and she confirms that Abbey has. Leo says, "Thank God for early retirement." C.J. says that she and Abbey met with the President's doctors and came up with a plan, which included a full night's sleep and a nap during the day. Getting the President to cooperate, however, is a different story. Maybe they need to provide him with a mat and a cookie. C.J. says that she called Abbey last night to discuss whether or not to wake up Jed. C.J. thought that they should, but Abbey clearly did not. I think we all know who won that particular debate. Leo says that the wake-up call was always one of the hardest decisions to make, and that the President is always going to want the call. But at the end of the day, he tells her, all you have to ask yourself is whether it would have made a difference if the President had been awake.

Alan Alda is speechmaking on the TV. C.J. asks Kate where Lord John is, and she explains, "He lost interest. Something about a Miss World." Jed comes in ranting about the candidates, who are all on the "Iran is evil" bandwagon. There's an awkward segue to Jed's asking when they are meeting with the French. They explain that Leo already met with the French, and they are on the bombing bandwagon too. C.J. explains that she didn't have much luck with Chet, and Jed is incredulous that she talked to the Iranians without him. C.J. asks for a moment alone with the President. She asks him not to yell at her in front of the staff. He says that he needs to manage this crisis and be in the meetings. C.J. says that they handled the meetings, since he was in the residence and unavailable. Jed says that all he has in the situation is influence and relationships, which he uses to rein in renegade world leaders. He says that this is exactly what he would have done had he been awake that morning. C.J. says that she doubts that, and that she doesn't think there was anything that he could have done to rein in the crackhead BPM. Then she stares him down and says, "And the funny thing is, sir, I'm pretty sure you don't think you could have either." Balls! Commercials.

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