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At 4:55 AM, C.J. is on the phone with British Prime Minister Grady, who happens to be a lady, and a crazy one at that. C.J. says that there is no indication the Iranians were involved, and that it's in everybody's interest not to jump to conclusions. The conversation is brief. Charlie says he thought maybe when he stopped working for the President, he'd start going home at night. You keep dreaming, Chuck. C.J. says that at least he can't complain that he doesn't get overtime, and he tells her that she doesn't pay him overtime. These people seriously need to unionize. Charlie says that it has been suggested that they invite the British Prime Minster for breakfast. C.J. makes a snarky remark, and Charlie says that he thought she liked "Lord John." C.J. says that she adores him, and that when she was Press Secretary, she could adore him from afar. She tells Charlie to call someone at State and set up a meeting with Chet. Charlie puzzles at the name, and C.J. says, "He'll know."

In the Strategery Room, Kate says that the plane in question went off-course almost immediately, and that it appears as though there was some mistake having to do with auto pilot mode. Because you know who else doesn't get enough sleep? Pilots. And recappers, but that's a different story. C.J. enters and says that the Prime Minster is already pointing fingers, and wonders if this response is warranted. A crusty guy I don't know guffaws and says, "I'm sorry, are we waiting for the President?" C.J. takes no shit and says, "No. Do we have any reason to believe the Iranians were involved?" As it turns out, the commercial plane kind of stumbled into the flight path of U.S. spy planes, so it is possible that Iran mistook the British plane for one of those and shot it down. See, it's always our fault. It's going to take a little while to get to the bottom of the whole mess, and so C.J. asks Kate for updates every half-hour.

C.J. and Kate leave the crusty guy, and C.J. notes that, technically, Iranians shooting at U.S. spy planes is fair game. Man. Don't you just love the state of the world? Kate asks if the President got into it with the British Prime Minister, and C.J. tells her that he wasn't on the call. Kate notes that State has been conducting secret talks with the Iranians on their nuclear program, and C.J. adds that progress has been made. But the situation is fragile, so if the BPM gets her knickers in a twist, some bad shit could go down. C.J. says that she's put a call in to "Chet," who we discover is a high-ranking Iranian official whose real name is really long and hard to pronounce. She also says that she's fried, due to the ten-part lecture on the future of democracy in Belarus that she got dragged into last night. Kate says something akin to "Democracy in Belarus...HA!," and notes that the last leader scrapped term limits and made his opposition disappear...literally. Not to mention those so-called "rockers" on Belarussian Idol. Kate gets serious and says, "C.J...." and for all the world she looks like she's going to ask C.J. out for a cup of herbal tea at The Honey Pot, and maybe if she'd be interested in that extra ticket to see Melissa Etheridge. But she loses her nerve, and instead notes that the BPM tends to overreact, and that the President likes to be notified if there's a chance she's making decisions with international ramifications. C.J. says that he'll be awake in a few hours, reminds Kate to give her the updates, and walks forcefully up the stairs.

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