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When we return, the President is still P.O.'ed. It is 8:05 AM. He says that British intelligence must have some information that it hasn't shared in order to make the BPM get all "Hans and Franz in primetime." We will pump you up! Jed rants some more and scares C.J. and Kate out of his office. This can't be good for his condition.

C.J. gives Kate some directives as they walk to her office, including one to make sure that Lord Marbury doesn't stop for an eye-opener on his way from the British Embassy. Lord Marbury! But it's only 8:06 AM! That's my kind of man. They pass Abbey, who sits in a chair, glowering. And I'm sorry, but they need to give Stockard Channing a new stylist. Her helmet hair is out of control. Though I guess it is somewhat reminiscent of Hillary Clinton, and thus fits her newly terrifying demeanor. She says that she got in about a half-hour ago, noticed her husband was nowhere to be found in the residence, and got nervous because he's "not the healthiest guy, you know." She was pissed to find that he was at work, and snipes at C.J. that she thought they agreed to let him sleep. She delivers this rant in a manner that only a legitimate actress of the the-a-ter could. C.J. says that there was a development, and that she let Jed sleep as long as she could. Abbey asks how late he was up the night before. C.J. totally doesn't want to tell on him. Abbey gives her the old stink-eye and stomps off. And I'm sorry, but he is, like, the President and stuff. I know he's sick, but there are some times when he just needs to be awake. And also, Abbey needs to get laid.

Toby is introduced to Alexander Zubatov, the head of the Belarussian delegation. He sounds exactly like Yakov Smirnoff. Toby sends their introducer to find Doc Brown. Yakov jumps all over Toby with questions about the U.S. Constitution, including why the President is Commander-in-Chief, but Congress has the power to declare war. Yakov says, "Commander does not declare war?" Toby explains that theoretically, Congress needs to. Yakov says, "So your habit is to ignore document?" Toby says, "No. Well, occasionally." Just in time, Doc enters. And I'm hoping that lightning strikes the clock tower sometime soon, because Toby is starting to fade from the picture. Or maybe it's just because he's dead inside.

Margaret summons Toby from the meeting to tell him that he has to meet with C.J. He's mad about Miss World, but C.J. delivers the news about the Britannia flight. She asks him to tentatively schedule some time with the networks in case the President needs to distance himself from the BPM, and to write a briefing. He begins the briefing, "Since the early hours of the morning the President has done everything in his power to assist the British." C.J. tells him not to say "the President." Toby says, "'The White House has done everything in its power'? That's gonna make it sound like he got a good night's sleep."

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