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Toby and C.J. are interrupted by an exaggeratedly dandy British fop yelling, "Gerald? Gerald!" Turns out it is Lord John Marbury, who thinks that Leo's name is Gerald. He's practically wearing Burberry plaid and saying, "Tally ho! I've just arrived from the fox hunt! Care for some figgy pudding?" I'm surprised they didn't name him Earl Grey. C.J. reintroduces herself to him and he says, "So you're the new Gerald. Delightful." He looks like he wants to blindfold her with his ascot and mount her. Incidentally, Lord John is played by the guy who was Robin Colcord, Rebecca's latter-day love interest on Cheers. And if this show is going to invest in second-tier supporting sitcom actors to round out its cast, I for one think that Growing Pains' Dickie "Boner" Stabbone might make an excellent U.N. Secretary-General.

C.J. and Earl Grey enter the Oval Office. Jed is on the phone with the BPM, whom he calls "Maureen." He hangs up, frustrated, and introduces Kate. Lord John lists lots of Britified credentials including the words "Earl," "Viceroy," and "Queen's Minister," ending with his relation to "an uncle who once performed in the London Opera Company's production of The Mikado in the role of Nanki-Poo." Kate says it's a pleasure, and then gives C.J. a sly little smile that reads, "Boys are dumb." Jed says that the BPM is doing her "William the Conqueror thing again." Lord John says that the BPM's whole party thinks she's soft on Iran, the government is far from stable, and they've just lost 100 countrymen. I half expect him to add, "And you know how she gets when she's on the rag." Jed says that he's not surprised at her reaction, but that the incident might have been a mistake. Lord John is incredulous, and Kate explains the thing about the spy planes.

Lord John sarcastically wonders why Iran would want the U.S. to stop spying on its nuclear facilities. He says that they shot down the spy planes because they want to continue building nuclear weapons. He says that they are a rogue nation on the verge of becoming a rogue nuclear power, and that while he by no means wishes to trivialize the loss of life that occurred, this can be seen as an opportunity. C.J. asks whether the BPM is going to use this as an excuse to bomb the Iranian nuclear plants. Lord John says, "Heavens no," and that the BPM will likely demand a formal apology or, rather, "elegiac groveling" from Iran. Jed basically says, "Fat chance." Lord John says, "Well, then, we will be forced. To take. Appropriate. Measures." Thems is fighting words! Lord John asks if there will be mimosas with breakfast. Mmm. Mimosas.

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