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Toby is running the press conference, and refuses to speculate about Britain's position or the President's reaction. When he gives his line about how the White House has been working with the British since early this morning, Annabeth, who is watching the whole thing on TV, reacts. Someone asks when they can get the initial tick tock. Toby tells the reporters that the President is scheduled to address the nation at 6:00, and that they should tune in.

Annabeth corners Toby when he exits, and gives him a chocolate heart for Valentine's Day. She asks him what the tick tock is, and he explains that it's a minute-by-minute accounting of the President's actions, which the press often asks for during a crisis. And also, a reference to Wicked, which makes me wish that it was Kristin Chenoweth who fell through that trap door. She gets on my last nerve. ["Also? Republican." -- Wing Chun] In any case, Annabeth is suspicious about the "White House" language, and knows the President wasn't on the case in the wee hours. Toby takes a bite of his chocolate heart, and Annabeth says that she's got one for his "special someone." When he says, "Excuse me?," she starts singing about Bhutan in spring. Toby, with a full mouth, says something about the beauty queen. And it's rude to speak with your mouth full, even when you're calling after a munchkin.

Toby enters the room where Doc Brown is lecturing the Belarussians about the Electoral College. They seem confused. Yeah, join the rest of us. Toby says he thinks that maybe they should push beyond American-style government, and move on to equally boring talks about a Parliamentary system. Yakov Smirnoff says that the Belarussian President needs broad powers, like the American President. Toby notes that since the Belarussians have had a history of brutal dictatorship, this might not be the best idea. Doc Brown says that he doesn't entirely agree, and Toby notes that half the faculty at Yale Law describes the American Presidential system as one of this country's most dangerous exports, responsible for wreaking havoc around the globe, and that it is a recipe for constitutional breakdown. Doc Brown seems excited for a vibrant discussion. Toby smiles. Hey! He can smile!

It is 11:15 AM. Jed and Lord John are arguing about Iran. Lord John is keen on bombing. Jed says that the Iranians have spread out their nuclear facilities, and that we don't even know where half of them are. Lord John says, "Well, we'll bomb the half we can find." Just then, Abbey enters. Lord John makes some vaguely inappropriate comments that imply how do-able she is. And incidentally, I just looked up Stockard Channing on IMDb, and there is a forum entitled, "only 18 but id do her :-) ." That is kind of awesome. Anyway, her hair barely fits in the doorframe. Abbey asks for C.J., and when she learns that C.J. is busy, she asks for Kate. Jed has a look on his face that's like, "Will you stop embarrassing me, Mom?" As Kate leaves, Lord John says, "Tarry not long, gentle courtesan!" Dude, he just called her a whore.

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