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Toby meets with Miss World, and painfully tries to engage in conversation. A number of male staffers interrupt with paltry excuses, and stare desirously at Miss World. And then Margaret comes in and does the same thing, only with no actual pretext for being there. Okay, that was actually pretty funny.

Meanwhile, Annabeth is leaving chocolate hearts for the press corps and singing "My Funny Valentine." Oh, I just want to bludgeon her. A press guy comes in and says that he's waiting for the tick tock. Annabeth tries to divert him with candy, but he says that he has a tip from The Guardian that the President wasn't on the early call with the BPM. Press Guy asks for Toby, and says that if the President wasn't up, the country has a right to know. He says he'll post the story with or without comment from the administration, and Annabeth says, "Maybe now...would be...a good time...to talk to Toby." Die, Kristin Chenoweth, die! She brings Press Guy into the middle of Toby's meeting with Miss World. She notes that Gordon, as Press Guy is named, writes for The Washington Post and has written columns on the mapping of the human genome. She then notes that Miss World is very interested in the subject. Gordon gives a flustered "Really?" and, because all men become functionally retarded when presented with a pretty lady, he forgets all about why he was at The White House in the first place. As Toby and Annabeth excuse themselves, she fills him in on why she needed to stall Gordon. A secretary tells Toby that he has a call from the First Lady. Wow. This makes me have a bit of an inkling on how George Stephanopoulos must have felt.

C.J. is meeting with Chet, who seems kind of pissed. Everyone is always in such a foul mood around this place. He says that the U.S. has to control the British, because they are jeopardizing more than just the nuclear talks. Chet says that people are rallying around the Ayatollah, and that the President (of Iran) is worried about the future of their reform movement. C.J. says that's good enough reason to apologize, but Chet says that with the impending threats from the BPM, the Ayatollah is not going to apologize, nohows. He asks why he would consider an apology, and C.J. says, "Maybe to avoid compromising a potential relationship with the United States." Chet asks if the U.S. apologized when its Navy shot down an Iran Air flight and killed 290 innocent people, and that kind of makes C.J. shut her piehole. He says that even if an apology were in his best interest, the Ayatollah is a very proud man when it comes to his air force. C.J. asks Chet to do his best, and he says that he will, but the U.S. must control the British. Maybe they should introduce the Ayatollah to Miss World.

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