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Jed goes out onto his patio alone, clenches his fists, and yells, "Damn it!" He paces a moment and then does it again. Leo comes out and Jed asks, "How the hell did that happen?" Leo calmly says, "It was bad intelligence." Jed yells, "You think?" Leo explains that the kidnappers deliberately sent misinformation over the radio. Jed gestures wildly and hollers hoarsely, "We've never anticipated the possibility that somebody might try this? We weren't prepared for someone to try and outfox us with a stratagem so sophisticated it's an entire generation beyond, 'Hey look, your shoelaces are untied?' Is that how I just lost nine guys to a damn street gang with a ham radio?" Leo looks down and says nothing. Jed continues, "They lured us there! So that they could kill nine American soldiers." He hesitates for a moment. "Where are the bodies?" Leo says that they're on their way back to Dover, for around 4:00 AM. Another guy sticks his head out the door to get Jed back inside. I guess they've got President Santos and the translators all in place.

Jed sighs heavily and goes back in. He's told they have a secure connection, and that someone is translating on the other end. He tells the President of Colombia what happened. Santos apologizes for the nine deaths. Jed says, "I'd like to ask for your assistance in confirming that the five hostages are still alive." Santos confirms this; Leo wants to know how Santos knows this. The answer comes back that they have confirmation that they are transmitting to the U.S. through channels. Santos conveys the message, "I respect and appreciate your diplomacy in not yet asking me to release Juan Aguilar from prison." Jed says, "I'm not going to ask you, Miguel." Santos says he's willing to do it at this point. Jed asks him to say that again. Leo looks at Mickey, who shakes his head. Santos repeats his offer. Jed says, "Well, I appreciate your making that offer, but I don't think that's a very good idea." Santos indicates that he agrees, but that he's making the offer anyway and leaving it up to Jed. Jed thanks him and they end the call. We go to commercial.

We're at a big meeting in the Roosevelt Room (I think), and there are a couple dozen people in the room, including a few assistants like Donna. Toby and Sam are arguing. Toby says, "You give in to terrorist demands and that's the ball game!" Sam responds, "I understand the principle, but there are real lives at stake." Toby: "It's easy to stick to principle if nothing's at stake, Sam." Sam suggests that they argue about principles after these five guys get home. Jed, who's standing up and leaning on the back of a chair, points out, "Juan Aguilar runs one of the largest drug cartels in the world. He has produced fifteen billion dollars worth of cocaine in two years. He's murdered or ordered the murder of eight Supreme Court justices, a pro-extradition Prime Minister, and three federal police officers in Bogotà. And from his prison cell, I guarantee you, he orchestrated the kidnapping of five U.S. DEA agents and the killing of their rescuers." Sam says, "I believe he did as well, Mr. President, which is all the evidence you need that it couldn't matter less whether Juan Aguilar is in prison or not." Jed declares, "I'm not letting him out! I'll share a cell with him before I let him out! I want military options." As he hustles out, everyone stands and says, "Yes, sir."

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