West Wing
The War At Home

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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anemones?

We hear Carol's voice instructing reporters to sit down and shut up. Well, not in those words. She informs them that the briefing's about to start. C.J. tells them that there are experts from the State and Justice Departments and the Pentagon to answer their questions, and fills them in on the events in Colombia.. Shots of the press briefing are intercut with shots of Jed and Mickey arriving in Dover to meet the soldiers bringing back the bodies of the nine dead Deltas. Mickey tells Jed, "Hostages are out." Jed says he'll call their families after this. Several soldiers bring the first coffin, wrapped in the American flag, off the plane and march toward Jed with it. They pauses briefly before Jed and Mickey with it, and then do a special military turn and go off to the left. The next coffin is brought along. Jed looks unspeakably sad and serious, and a little older. His eyes have a hint of tears. He does not cry.

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