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Back at the post-speech party, Toby's sitting a table alone, puffing on a stogie. He can smoke in the reception room, but POTUS has to go outside? ["Maybe POTUS just can't smoke in his office?" -- Wing Chun] Sam comes up and sits down. Sam tells him that Bill Dryer from Seth Gillette's office called, and that Gillette wants to have a meeting with Toby. Toby sighs. "I'll bet he wants a meeting with me." Toby says, a couple of times, that it's not going to happen. Sam says, "Toby..." Toby gets up and starts to walk away, saying, "He got enough input from me during the six weeks we were writing the thing, I don't need to hear his..." Sam interjects, "He's very upset." Toby says that he knows. Sam indicates that he thinks Gillette is more upset than they calculated he would be. Toby could care less (and since it's Toby, I do mean "could"). "We're going to have to learn to live with that pain. He's not the President of the United States. He's a junior senator from North Dakota where nobody lives, 'cause it's too cold and they don't have a major sports franchise." Toby doesn't care who he alienates. Last week it was Dodge Durango owners; this week it's North Dakotans. Sam asks, "Do I need to lay out the ways in which this man is important to us?" Toby says nope, but Sam begins anyway. "He is adored by the left." Toby: "Stop laying out the ways." Sam: "He's our link to the environmentalists." Toby: "Stop laying out the ways." Sam insists that Gillette's asking for the meeting isn't out of line, and adds that he thinks Toby should take the meeting "In fact, you should take it tomorrow morning at 7:30 at the Hyatt." Toby's not too pleased that Sam already set up the meeting. Sam: "Just the time and place." Toby: "And you expect me to explain myself to him?" Sam, confidently: "Yes. Yes, I do." Toby gives in. Hmm, feels like payback for the drop-in. Just then C.J. calls Toby from off-screen and Toby leaves Sam.

Toby and C.J. pedeconference as she reads to him the Washington Post's description of the State of the Union address: "'Sleek, challenging, and oftentimes witty,' not unlike myself." Toby seems unmoved and asks, "Who is Jack Sloan and why am I just hearing about this now?" C.J. explains who Sloan is; Toby wants to know why the guy was not vetted. She says it's because he was last-minute. He wants to know what she's doing about it. C.J. says he's doing Gottfried's show; Toby thinks it's a bad idea, saying that blacks won't react well to the administration's supporting a brutal cop. C.J. insists Sloan's not a brutal cop. She starts to walk away as Toby says, "Says you." She whirls around and replies, "Says me, a Grand Jury, two judges, the district attorney and common sense." She points out that the story will be public anyway, because Gottfried got the story on his own. Toby relents and asks where Josh is; C.J. tells him he went back to the phone banks. Toby asks whether the power's been restored; C.J. says it hasn't. Toby asks what Josh is doing there, then. C.J.: "Hoping the electricity goes on." Toby: "Well, that ought to do it." He sighs a big Toby Sigh.

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