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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anemones?

Up in the First Bedroom, Abby's packing suitcases with her assistant, Lily, and some woman who is probably Lily's assistant. Charlie comes and asks whether Abby's heading out; she says she isn't until tonight. She's going to Chicago, and then Seattle. Does she get to take Air Force One? You know, if Jed's not using it? Charlie says, "I wanted to check and see if I had your permission to draw five hundred dollars in cash and walk it over to that woman in the shelter." Abby says she appreciates that, and thanks him. He asks if there's anything else he can do for her; she says no. POTUS is just coming in as Charlie leaves. Jed remarks that she's packing already. Abby says yeah. He says, "You're not leaving until tonight, right?" She confirms that. He tries to make an amiable comment: "Men and women are completely different in this regard." She says, a little testily, "When was the last time you packed a suitcase at all?" He doesn't know. His attempts at chitchat a failure, he says, "I just had breakfast with Sam and Josh. Toby's having breakfast with Seth Gillette, who's every bit as pissed at me as you are." He kind of indicates he'd like to speak to her privately, and Lily and the other woman vamoose. He sits down on the bed and says, "We didn't get a chance to talk again last night." Abby says she doesn't think they should. Jed: "Ever?" Abby: "Oh, if wishing made it so, Jed." She says she doesn't think it's a good idea for them to talk about it right now, because he needs to focus on the crisis in Colombia. He says, "I can do two things at once!" She says firmly, "You don't have two things at once. You have ninety-two things at once, and one of them is five hostages in Colombia!" He says, "Yes, and I'd like to go about my day without this black cloud around me, so I'd like to talk now." Abby replies, "And I'm saying this is a longer conversation than that, and I don't want you all over the place and we can talk about it later and you should focus!" I've had this very argument. More than once. They're both really raising their voices now, and Jed asks with no small amount of sarcasm, "What are you, my Zen master? Can I be in charge of my own mind?" Oops, now she's really pissed. "Let me tell you something, jackass. Get as chippy as you want if that makes you feel better. I am your wife. I love you. You have a crisis. You have to deal with it. When it's done, we'll talk." Jed says quietly, "I feel better already." He leaves. Abby continues distractedly folding things.

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