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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anemones?

After the commercials, it's Wednesday evening. It's raining and Josh in his office, on hold and muttering to himself about being on hold. As he paces around. He bangs the receiver a few times on his desk, and as he goes back to being on hold, says, "I'm in some hellish hold world of holding." Donna comes in and he tells her he's on hold. She says they'll call and tell them when the power's back on. He says they did call. Donna: "What happened?" Josh: "I'm on hold." She looks (even) prettier than usual somehow; her hair is nicely arranged. I think it must be the soft lighting in Josh's office. She says she'll wait with him. Josh: "That'll be a lot of fun." She ventures, "So you never told me why this poll is different." Via some back-and-forth between Donna and Josh, we learn that there are five Congressional districts (Kentucky 3rd, Louisiana 4th, Missouri 9th, Missouri 6th and Ohio 12th) which are concerning Josh, because in the speech last night, POTUS introduced a crime bill which would require a five-day waiting period to buy a gun, and the Congressmen for those five districts are sitting on the fence. Donna says, "So, you want to know how the crime package polled in those five districts. If it polled well, you've got your gun law." Josh: "Probably." Donna: "And if it tanked, you better shut up or lose five Democratic seats in the House." Josh: "Why do you ask me the question when you're gonna have the conversation all by yourself?" She offers to hold the phone for a while. He says he can hold the phone, but then gives it to her. Before she can even get it up to her ear, he whirls around and takes it from her again. He stares at her oddly. Finally he says, "Why are you trying to fix me up with Joey Lucas?" Donna pleasantly tells him she thinks they'd make a nice couple. "But not as nice as you and I would." (She just thinks this last part.) Josh doesn't seem to be buying it. He says, "Fine." Donna says, "If you got married you'd be Joshua and Josephine Lucas-Lyman and you wouldn't have to get your towels re-monogrammed." That'd pretty much seal the deal for me, right there. Josh thanks the person on the other end of the phone; the power's back on. Donna asks, "What do we do now?" Josh says, "We wait."

Ainsley wanders into the Communications area and passes C.J., who casually says, "How are you doing, Ainsley?" Ainsley, ever dignified, replies, "My mouth is dry, my hands are moist and I have to pee." C.J.: "Thanks for the TMI." No, really she just says "okay," and keeps walking. Sam comes along and asks her if she's ready. She says she is. He asks her if she's sure; she very confidently says yes again. Sam says, "Let's go." She says, following him, "Call it off." Sam says, "Here we go." They go back and forth on this; Ainsley suggests tomorrow would be a better time. Sam asks mildly, "Don't you have to absolve yourself of the humiliation visited upon your family and the House of Atreus?" Bwa! Funniest line in the whole show, to me. Maybe I took too much Latin in high school. Ainsley says, "Yes, but I believe I'm going to compound the humiliation." Sam: "It'll never happen." Ainsley says, "Really?" Sam: "No, it probably will." These two ricochet between crackling sexual chemistry and older brother/younger sister friction. It's interesting.

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