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Pre-Wedding Jitters
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Previously, there was a "China/Russia/Kazakhstan thing happening," Ellie had a compelling reason to marry Vic the Fruit Fly Guy as soon as possible, and the newly-fired Ned thought Josh was to blame for the Santos campaign's being stuck in the doldrums. Oh, and there was a debate, which people seemed to either hate or love. I would still rather have watched Mile High.

Some piece of classical music that I should (but don't) recognize is playing. We hear a protocol/wedding planner type saying, through clenched teeth, "And we're walking." We're in the East Room for the wedding rehearsal, and Jed is walking Ellie down the aisle. He's singing along to the music, and she tells him to knock it off. He responds with a joke, and she tells him to knock that off as well -- all jokes are to be saved for the reception, "preferably not during the toast." The protocol woman is standing behind them as they arrive at the preacher and Vic, and she continues to give them step-by-step instructions. She finishes by walking Jed over to his seat next to Abbey. He complains about being so far from Ellie and Vic, and Abbey reminds him that he's not performing the ceremony. Jed points out that that's only because they didn't ask him to. Can presidents perform marriages? ["If he were ordained by the Universal Life Church, he could." -- Wing Chun] C.J. creeps in behind them and apologizes for interrupting. Abbey tells her that it's not a problem: "He was about to go into his Spencer Tracy routine." C.J. tells Jed that some Russian military convoys are headed to the Kazakhstan border. Jed can't quietly slip out, of course. Because everything is all about him. He has to interrupt the rehearsal to make his apologies and tell Ellie that they need to find time to practice their dance.

Jed, C.J., and Kate walk through Debbie's office on the way to the Office of O. Debbie calls out to Jed to remind him about the swanky rehearsal dinner he's supposed to attend in fifteen minutes, but Jed pays her no mind. Jed asks if the Russians are invading, and Kate says that they claim they are sending in "advisers" at the request of the Kazakh president. Jed wonders if the advisers will be carrying AK-47s. C.J. tells Jed that if the Russian convoys cross the border, the Chinese will consider it a provocation to cross their own border with Kazakhstan. Jed calls out for Debbie, and she enters (stopwatch in hand) to congratulate Kate on ending the meeting in just thirty-eight seconds. She's got her hopes up too soon, however -- Jed tells her, "I'm gonna need the Russian ambassador, the Chinese ambassador, and my wife. Probably not in that order." Credits.

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