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[Note to international viewers: this contains minor spoilers about the season finale, "Two Cathedrals."] The show opens with a clip of Aaron Sorkin saying, "What I love is the sound of dialogue, and so usually what I want to do is get two people arguing about something, anything...the time of day." We get a shot of Richard Schiff listening to Sorkin intently; with his chin down, his dark, intense eyes and the ripple of grey in his black hair, he has a more rabbinical mien than Maimonides. It's actually pretty hot, if you go for that sort of thing. He's wearing a suit that Toby would wear, so he seems more like Toby than Richard. Sorkin is wearing a kind of olive-green jacket with a white button-down shirt open at the collar, and a white t-shirt underneath. He's got a snappy, boyish haircut and isn't exactly hard on the eyes, either. He has the sort of smile people describe as "winning." Sorkin continues, saying that obviously the show's setting provides ample opportunities for him to do that. He describes it as "good food" for him. We get a clip of John Spencer saying, "But ultimately, what I got down to is, I'm playing Leo as if John were Chief of Staff, to Martin, as if Martin were President." Well, don't we all wish. He's wearing a dark pinstriped suit. They show brief clips of Leo and Jed interacting. Spencer continues, explaining that once he grasped the technical aspects of whatever Leo was supposed to be talking about, then his job was basically "personalizing it as a human being." Cut to Brad Whitford, in a dark jacket and white button-down shirt, open at the collar. I'll pause here for the obligatory swooning break for all his drooling fans. Dum-de-dum...that should suffice. He says, "With such a technical thing to execute, you have to make sure your blood is flowing underneath it, as an actor...that you're not focused on execution but that you're focused on the moment." He says he finds it a "very challenging and interesting acting experience." Several adorable shots of Josh from the show. Cut to Martin Sheen, wearing a casual shirt with a three-button placket, done up to the top, in a colour that could be charcoal grey (and we'll pause while I swoon), saying, "It's not about going 'out there' [gestures to world at large], it's about going in here [points at his chest]." Shot of Allison Janney smiling hugely and fondly. She's wearing a brown jacket of some soft suede-y fabric over a plaid blouse in kind of a dusty pink over a white t-shirt. Her necklace is not at all a monument to bourgeois taste. She looks even more gorgeous than usual, perhaps because she seems completely relaxed, and isn't in performance mode. Sheen says that what's interesting about the show is that it's about the individuals who work there, and "their heart." Then we have a brief commercial break.

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