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That doesn't surprise me in the least. Janney laughs endearingly. Rose asks why. Martin explains, "Because she never, ever, ever gets caught at it. Do you know the phrase?" Sheen relates a story about James Cagney, who, late in his life (having never written anything about acting or given any acting advice), was asked by a good friend to pass on some acting advice to young actors. Cagney replied, "Don't get caught at it." Sheen imitates Cagney slightly for this quotation. Sheen reiterates, "Don't let it show. And that's what this lady does. She's incapable [of letting it show]. And she will say something totally unrelated and we're caught, we're caught. We're sucked in. We don't have a clue that she's not doing the show. Whatever comes out of this woman is so honest and so beautiful and [art?] that we're just swept away." I'm thinking Janney must be just about ready to burst, sitting here listening to Martin Sheen sing her praises to the high heavens. Not that she doesn't deserve that, and more. But it must be kind of a heady experience. She laughs in a slightly embarrassed way. Rose asks whether she's heard all that before. Schiff cracks, "That's all very impressive...but what's her name?" Allison cracks up. Martin says that he doesn't want to embarrass her in front of the whole world. Rose asks, "How many years do you want to do this?" No one rushes to answer. Schiff and Spencer chuckle. Janney says that she's having a great time and that she loves having a job -- that "for an actor to have a regular, steady job is the most glorious thing." She adds that Sorkin's scripts are of a quality she rarely sees in any movies she gets offered. Rose wonders whether playing these characters has heightened the actors' interest in politics, although they have established that the show is about family and other themes that could conceivably be played out against any backdrop. Janney says that it has for her, since she was not politically inclined at all before her involvement with the show. Schiff adds that he finds it impressive to speak to their real-life counterparts. He finds their way of thinking very impressive, mentioning that their thinking isn't just limited to their specialty. Rose says, "Great opportunity," looking at Spencer. Janney murmurs, "Yes." Spencer says very sincerely that it's the best writing he's ever had in his life: "That's the raw material for acting. You start with the words. So as long as Aaron has something to say about Leo, I'll say it. That's the thing that makes it worthwhile, the amount of work we do..."

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