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"The Next Truthful Moment"
Rose wonders, having won all these awards, what they're shooting for now: "What keeps you driving?" Schiff replies, "The next truthful moment." Rose asks what he means by that. Schiff explains, "You wait for the next idea that comes into Aaron's head, and we try to execute it to the best of our abilities, with as much integrity as we can muster given our time restraints. And it's just literally singles, you just keep hitting singles, and up, to use my third baseball analogy. And you just keep it going. You can't have grand...the words to me, certainly, are secondary, and meaningless. They're meaningless to the extent that unless you feel good when you go home at night, about doing everything you can to capture the moment in its most truthful and its most enlivened state, then the rest is somebody else's opinion, and we have to satisfy our own needs first, if you will, you know." Rose then takes the whole tone of the interview down a notch by asking about Sorkin's arrest in April for drug possession. He does it reasonably nicely, but I still find it unnecessary. Rose says that he and Sorkin will have to talk about it at another time on a program devoted to those types of issues, but uses the cop-out of asking about it anyway, claiming "everyone would expect him to." Why? I don't expect him to. Moreover, I don't expect Sorkin to say anything other than the sort of statement he's already made in a couple of other public situations, so why ask at all? And indeed, Sorkin replies, "I did a stupid thing. I'm embarrassed. Obviously I'm going to do whatever the law tells me to." He breaks off kind of nervously. Rose jumps in with, "That's about as much as you can say, other than, those people who were distressed by that at the same time..." Sorkin says, "Those people who were distressed by it...first of all, I appreciate their distress. One shouldn't...needn't worry at all about the show. For sure. And one needn't worry at all about me." He looks ever so slightly relieved when Rose thanks them all for attending and closes the show. I think it may be time for Rose to attend his Interrupters Anonymous meeting, anyway.

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