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Three Dog Night

Hospital waiting room. Jed is on the phone with another head of state, seeking support for the peace agreement. As he hangs up with Madame President, Debbie approaches him and tells him that Charlie is bringing a clean change of clothes and more call sheets. Abbey tells Debbie to have him leave them at the White House. Jed says that he's staying at the hospital, but Abbey repeats, "Tell him to leave them at the White House." Debbie walks away, and Jed tells Abbey that he can make the calls from the hospital. Abbey: "You think this is your fault. It's not." Jed: "He's my best friend, and I'm not the kind of person who has best friends." Abbey: "Because your life is your work. And so is his. Your work." He asks her what he's trying to say, and she tells him that he and Leo chose this when they chose to run a country. Jed says that they will work around Leo's recovery -- that he can work half days. Abbey: "He's not gonna work half days. He's not gonna work around his recovery. He's not gonna do whatever it takes." Jed says that it should be Leo's decision, but Abbey says that they already know what Leo's decision will be. She's right up in Jed's face by this point. Jed: "So I should wake him up and fire him again? 'Cause that worked so well last time." Abbey tells Jed that he has to keep Leo away from the C.O.S. job: "He'll kill himself for you if you don't." Jed looks at her for a moment and then sits down heavily. A few seconds later, he calls out to Debbie and tells her that he is ready for his next call. Man, Stockard Channing is so great in this role. Commercials.

C.J. walks into her office and calls out to Carol that England, Iceland, Canada, and Spain have all pledged troops for peacekeeping: "Does Canada even have troops? What do they do? Hurl those little bottles of maple syrup?" ["Yeah, when they're not getting accidentally killed by their ostensible allies. Shut up, fictional America." -- Wing Chun] Carol keeps trying to interrupt her as C.J. prepares to run to an economic briefing. Finally, Carol gets C.J. to shut up for a second so that she can tell her that Leo's heart is beating on its own.

Josh walks into his office, where Donna is going over some files. She tells him about Leo's heart. He takes something from one of the drawers in the credenza behind his desk. He walks over to Donna with a small box in his hand. She says, "What's this?" Josh: "A pen." Donna: "Am I having a bar mitzvah?" It's a pen from the signing of the peace agreement, the one that the Prime Minister used to write the 'h' in his name. "I tried to get the z but the Israeli ambassador beat me to it." Donna: "I didn't have anything to do with the peace agreement." Josh: "Let's just say you were a blood donor. I want to stop taking those for granted." She thanks him. Oh, for crying out loud, just tell her you love her, you dope! Sorry, I just couldn't keep it in any longer. Donna notices that the Treasury Secretary is being interviewed on television. Josh suggests that she's just spinning the peace deal, and then mutters that they should really "loop her in" on the tax cut. "Loop her in"? I hope nobody in our government actually says that. He turns up the volume just in time to hear the Treasury Secretary take a question on tax cuts. She says that she can guarantee that the President would not support a tax cut on top of the cost of peacekeeping. Josh runs out of the office.

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