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Three Dog Night

Josh runs into Toby in the hall. They each saw what the Treasury Secretary just did. C.J. runs up to them and says, "When I suggested a Treasury estimate, I guess I assumed we told the Treasury Secretary, head of all federal tax policy, what in Alexander Hamilton's name we were doing!" Toby shakes his head no: "Good assumption, though." C.J. leaves to call the Secretary's press office to try to straighten out the mess. Toby tells Josh that the tax bill has become more expensive because he had to agree to give some tax benefit to pork producers. But Josh just promised Congressman Gay that he would not support any amendments at all. Again, they have a fight over the fact that they were not supposed to agree to any specifics. If this scene had a finger-poke in the eye and a big slap, it would be indistinguishable from classic Three Stooges. Toby points out that this wouldn't have happened if they had run things using a decision-making tree. Josh: "With you at the top?" Toby: "No, with you at the top." Josh is surprised to hear that. So am I, given Toby's statement earlier that he was willing to have them run everything through him. Toby tells Josh that he went to see the President earlier to suggest that Josh be given the job, but that Jed was not interested. Toby tells Josh that he's been trying for two days to hold his meeting on homelessness and mental health. Josh tells him that it's a great idea, and Toby admits that it came from Leo: "He didn't want to let the urgent crowd out the important." Josh: "It's getting harder to tell the difference." Toby: "Well, somebody ought to try."

C.J. is watching news coverage of the Speaker, who is talking about a "possible" U.S. role in the peacekeeping operation. She's ticked off by his statement. Will is in her office, and he tells her that the day's coverage was excellent. C.J.: "It's the little burst of warmth before you freeze to death." Will: "It's a little bit drafty in here, actually." She asks him to close the door, and then tells him that she's getting questions about the meeting he had with Jed. He tells her that Jed wanted his thoughts on possible NATO involvement in the peacekeeping mission. C.J. starts listing off NATO member countries. After a few seconds of this, she smiles and says, "Well, heavens to Murgatroyd." I think that a woman who would say "heavens to Murgatroyd" is liable to say "jeepers." While they had been focused on getting support from all of the members of the Security Council, they had scored support from all of the members of NATO. C.J. grabs Will and gives him a kiss on the cheek, and then opens her office door. Will asks C.J., "Does this mean you're cooking for me this weekend?" C.J.: "Not a chance." C.J. calls out to Carol to prepare a press release announcing the news: "We're moving the goal post and claiming the match."

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