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Debbie walks out of the Near-Circular Office to find Toby and Josh waiting to see Jed. She tells them that Jed won't be there for long, so they had better get in while they can. Josh suggests that Toby go in first, because of the special relationship he has with Jed. Toby: "If by 'special' you mean 'bound for deportation.'" Debbie tells them that she doesn't know why they're so nervous. Jed isn't even that upset. Josh and Toby simultaneously turn to her and ask, "Really?" Debbie: "No, just kidding. He's ready to rip off his finger and light it like a cigarette." I wonder if that would qualify as low tar? Josh and Toby exchange a look and head in to see Jed.

Oval Office. As Toby and Josh enter, Jed tells them, "I'd like to know why my Treasury Secretary is on national television denouncing a tax cut I never saw because of an estimate I never asked for?" Josh points out that they did offer to brief Jed on the details. When he asks to be briefed now, there's dead silence. Josh tells him that they aren't quite ready to brief him yet. Jed points out that it was the leadership's only request before a peacekeeping vote, and that they messed it up. Toby tells him that they are close to the sixty votes they need. Josh jumps in, telling Jed, "It's just that you might face a decision on the fall legislative agenda." Jed: "What's that?" Toby: "Would you prefer a bill to appoint an American monarch?" Josh: "Or a ban on the institution of marriage, except in casinos and department stores?" Jed takes this in with a nod, and tells them to tell the Republican leadership that he is going to send the peacekeeping troops in, and that if they want to feed them or equip them or ever bring them back, they are going to have to vote to fund them. As Toby leaves, Jed calls out to Josh: "Perhaps you can shed some light on this State Department cable? 'Turkmenistan to U.S.: We didn't order these pizzas.'" Josh: "I bet you're thinking there's a really good explanation for that, sir." I'd like a really good explanation for how those pizzas got halfway around the world in a few hours.

Donna's cubicle. It is quite dark. Charlie stops by and welcomes her home. He tells her that Leo may be ready for visitors soon. Donna tells him that Zoey stopped by to see her, and told her that Charlie had finished at Georgetown. Charlie: "I wish she'd stop telling people that." Donna: "Why? If I had finished college, I'd be shouting it from the rooftops." Charlie: "We have snipers up there." Donna: "It was more of a metaphor." Charlie tells her that he still has to complete some paperwork and his swim test. Donna's surprised he's letting those things hold up his graduation. Charlie sits on the corner of her desk, and tells her, "When I started Georgetown, the President made me promise that when I got the degree, I'd leave this job." Donna: "Why would he want you to do that?" Charlie: "He doesn't want me holding his jacket the rest of my life." As he gets up to leave, Donna wishes him a happy almost-graduation. Charlie: "I'm not wearing a tassel. I don't care what they do to me." But would you wear two of them? Because I know some fans who might really like to see that.

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