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Three Dog Night

Leo's hospital room. Again, there is no light. Jed enters and approaches Leo's bed. Leo whispers, "Mr. President." Jed tells him, in light of the morphine drip, to skip the formalities: "I might get one myself. Wheel it into meetings with the Joint Chiefs." Jed takes Leo's hand: "You're not fired, Leo. You can delegate, work part-time. Bring the morphine with you for all I care." Leo whispers to Jed, "Do you remember what you told me when you offered me the job?" Jed: "'I need you to jump off a cliff.'" Leo: "And I did. And I'd do it again. But you need a new chief of staff." Jed looks him in the eyes and says, "We came here to put the job first. Spend our lives with something that would outlast us. I just thought we'd have a longer line of credit, that's all. I'm gonna need that list of names." Leo: "Only one name."

Darkened waiting room. Somebody really needs to tell the lighting people that when it's nighttime, people are more likely to turn on the lights. C.J., Will, Josh, and Toby are all there. You can barely see Mallory in the room. But of course, she does not speak. She must have caught whatever Debbie had in the first two episodes. Every table in the room is covered with gift baskets. Josh accuses C.J. of planting all the baskets there to tempt him. C.J. tells him, "I promised Donna, no more traps." Josh: "It's like a torture chamber designed by a renegade Keebler elf." Jed enters, and everyone stands up. It kind of looks like they're all gathered there for a rose ceremony. He thanks them for the work they did over the last couple of days, and takes the blame on himself for things' not being as organized as they should have. But he expresses his confidence in their ability to fix things, and to make the peace agreement work. Then, with eyes that are just on the verge of tearing up, he tells them to go spend some time with his outgoing chief of staff. Abbey is also there, looking like she is near tears. Everyone files out of the room to see Leo. Shouldn't he really just have one visitor at a time? C.J. is conveniently the last person to leave the room, and Jed calls out to her. "C.J., there's something I need you to do for me." C.J.: "What's that?" Jed: "Jump off a cliff. We'll talk about it on the ride back." C.J. walks away, and with one look behind her, enters Leo's room.

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