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Three Dog Night

Josh and Toby enter the Roosevelt room, still dressed in their casual camp clothes, and greet the Speaker and the Majority Leader. Josh explains that they are taking the meeting because "Leo's got a thing at Foggy Bottom." The Speaker: "He's got a thing?" I could make a joke about Leo's thing, but the man just had a heart attack, so I think I'll give him a break. Josh: "Yeah, who knows why he'd be busy. It's not like we brokered a major peace deal last night." Josh has a giddy little grin by the end of this speech. You know he just loves being able to stick it in the face of the Republicans after they were so hostile to the idea of a summit. However, as Josh continues to brag to the Speaker and Majority Leader, Toby keeps trying to soften the gloating. The Republicans make it clear that, regardless of how successful the summit was, they are not just going to roll over and agree to fund the peacekeepers without getting something in return. What they want is a $300 expansion of the child tax credit, and they want the White House to get sixty Democrats to vote for it. Without support for the tax cut, the Republicans won't schedule a vote to fund the peacekeeping mission.

Cut to Charlie, who hangs up a phone and walks into the Oval Office. He tells Jed that Signal is still trying to reach Leo. Jed is speaking to Debbie, saying, "Let's get a little flow chart going. State calls the foreign ministers and I call the heads of state. Like tag-team wrestling without the body slams." After the last two episodes, I fully expected Debbie to give Jed a look and walk out of the room, but she actually speaks: "All set to pile-drive Germany, sir." As she leaves the office, Toby and Josh enter. Jed starts to tell them that he wants to line up as much international support as possible before the signing, and that after the signing they will have to start dealing with the Knesset and the leadership of Hamas. The Wonder Twins break the news about the Republican demand for a tax cut. Josh thinks they should agree to it, but Toby wants to wait for Leo. Just then, Charlie enters, and tells Jed that "Barracks Security found Leo in the woods at Camp David. They think it's a massive heart attack." But fear not: Leo is not dead. Unless they would take the effort to fly a corpse to Bethesda Naval. Credits.

Massive pedeconference in the halls of the West Wing. I see Abbey, Jed, C.J., Toby, Josh, and Charlie. And there may be some more people hidden in the back of the pack. Abbey is explaining to the group that Leo was unconscious for a long time, and that every minute without treatment following a major heart attack can mean muscle damage. When C.J. and Toby ask for more specifics, she explains that they just don't know yet. Jed: "These are supposed to be the best thoracic surgeons in the world. What the hell do they know?" Abbey: "That time is muscle, Jed. They're going to do everything they can." They exit the White House, where a limo is waiting. Abbey tells everyone that there is no need for them all to come to the hospital, since Leo will be out for hours. Charlie will call back if there are any updates. Josh asks Jed if they should consider delaying the signing of the peace agreement, but the President reassures him that he will be back in time. He tells them to work on getting a quick vote on peacekeeping and a show of international support. "A Security Council resolution would be ideal." With that, he climbs into the limo and the motorcade takes off. In the limo, Abbey holds Jed's hand. He looks quite scared.

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