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Three Dog Night

C.J. pedeconferences with Carol, who tells her that Leo's bypass surgery just began. She also tells C.J. that Josh is meeting with House Democrats, if she wants to sit in. Just then, C.J. walks past the conference room in which Josh is holding said meeting, takes a few more steps, and then heads back. She stands in the doorway, and we see that Josh has a brownie on a plate in front of him, fork poised to dig in. Josh sees C.J. and slides the plate across the table to Deficit Hawk #2. C.J. continues walking down the hall, but stops at a doorway and turns back again. Once again, Josh has just put a brownie on a plate. He sees her and slides that plate across the table to Deficit Hawk #1, who interrupts his own speechifying to say "Thanks." C.J. marches into the room, excuses herself, picks up the platter of brownies, and tells Deficit Hawks #s 1 and 2 that Josh is diabetic and that she hasn't had any lunch.

Toby walks up to Charlie's desk. Charlie tells him that the damage to Leo's heart was pretty severe, and that they had to restart his heart after they took off the clamp. Toby tells Charlie that he wants to see Jed before he heads back to the hospital, and Charlie tells him that Jed is meeting with Will. Toby: "Why is he in with Will?" Don't we all want to know. Charlie tells Toby that it shouldn't be long. Toby asks Charlie if it's true that he finished his courses at Georgetown. Charlie tells him that he still has some requirements to complete. Toby: "Besides courses?" Charlie: "A swim test, stuff like that." Toby asks Charlie to let him know when "Will paddles back to the shallow end."

C.J.'s office. She's meeting with three reporters. Two of them ask questions about the peace accord, and C.J. gives them snappy answers. One of them asks about Leo, and C.J. tells them that he is still in surgery. After she dismisses them, one of them sticks around for a few seconds. He asks her if it's going to be Josh or Toby. C.J.: "What?" "The new White House Chief of Staff." C.J.: "'Gee C.J., I'm sorry your boss and dear friend is sprawled across an operating table having his veins harvested, but I do think it's kind of neat that the President single-handedly forged a major peace deal. Why don't I write about it until my typewriter is tangled up in ribbon.'" The reporter has his own snappy comeback. "'Jeepers, Brock, you care about Leo too, but there's a power vacuum here, and your editors don't accept puff pieces, and you haven't used a typewriter since the Coolidge administration.'" They argue about whether C.J. would ever say "jeepers." Brock points out the many ways in which the question of who is filling in for Leo is a serious story, and tells her that he can sit on it for a day or two before he'll have to write some kind of story about it.

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